Zhong Feifei Pens Farewell Statement following her Elimination from Chuang 2020

Zhong Feifei’s Farewell Statement following her Elimination from Chuang 2020

Winnie Zhong Feifei, the Chinese-Congolese participant of Produce Camp 2020, writes a farewell statement after being eliminated from the idol survival show.

Born to a Chinese mother and an Congolese father in Liaoning province, Winnie was brave throughout her participation in the show as she also had to deal with discriminatory and racist comments regarding her African heritage on Weibo. Despite this, Winnie had netizens rallying to her defense, and has also received much support from an international fan base!

Read her translated farewell statement here:

There are many things that I would like to say, so here is a long passage about it????

First of all, I have to thank everyone, especially my fans for liking and supporting me!!! This summer, I’ve met you all coming from all around the world, which is already an unbelievable achievement.  Thank you for soaring with me, and voting for me. But most importantly, thank you for letting me regain my confidence by thinking that “I am worthy of being liked”. ✈️

Besides, I am sincerely thankful for everyone who had worked hard behind the scenes during the show. Although they (the cameramen) stayed up all night with us, they would also silently cry and laugh with us behind their cameras. Also, thank you to the staff members of “Chuang 2020” who would tell us to keep fighting.  ????????????????????????????????????????????

Thank you to the best dancer of Ice Queen, (senior) Leon Zhang, who had no complaints, and still stayed with us on stage until the last moment. I hoped you like my handmade A4 sheet of paper plus a simple card with tape on it. I’ve also seen your reply~I will never question my abilities in the future!  ????????

A big thank you to my company Eggwood Culture ????????, sparing extra efforts for supporting and caring for me ????????.
I still remember the barbecue meat that I owe you guys!! Wait for me!

We wish Zhong Feifei all the best for her future endeavors and her journey ahead!

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