Zhou Shen Reacts Wittily To A Fan’s Marriage Proposal

During one of Zhou Shen‘s on-stage performance recently, a female fan decided to take the bet and shout “marry me” in front of the singer.

Zhou Shen Reacts Wittily To A Fan's Marriage Proposal
Zhou Shen Reacts Wittily To A Fan’s Marriage Proposal

Much to the amusement of the audience, the singer was not shy to respond directly, saying, “Ah, you go away!”

Undeterred, the fan continued to yell again, “Zhou Shen marry me!”

In Chinese, the phrase “marry (娶 – pronounced qǔ) ” happened to also have the same pronunciation for the term “fetch (取 same pronunciation – qǔ)”.

For cultural context, the word (取)”qǔ” is used in situation when an order gets delivered from an e-commerce store (usually Taobao) and a buyer has to ‘fetch’ the parcel sent to them (取快递 – to fetch a parcel). A notification would usually pop up in one’s phone informing one to “fetch their parcel [from their mailbox].’ While retrieving the parcel delivered to their mail box, the buyer would also have to use a special QR code to unlock the mailbox.

The witty Zhou Shen thus took advantage of the word play, choosing instead to interpret her question as “fetch me” instead of “marry me.”

He responded asking her, “Are you an item that I’ve ordered? You want me to ‘fetch you’? Really?” When the same fan continued to ask him to “marry her”, Zhou Shen joked with her again telling her, “I have no pickup code!”

Netizens couldn’t help but laugh when they read it, as Zhou Shen was being his usual cheerful and quick-witted self!

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