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Zhou Zhennan Apologizes For His Parent’s Debts And Tells Fans That He Will Bear The Burden With His Family

Zhou Zhen Nan posted an apology for his parent’s breach of trust and debts on Weibo. He wrote that he was very grateful to his parents for their upbringing and education, and said frankly that he was guilty for not caring enough about his family, and even more guilty for causing trouble to everyone.

Zhou Zhen Nan wrote an apology post on Weibo

He said that he would face it with his parents and deal with all matters

as soon as possible. “What I want to say is that legal issues will be resolved by law, but regardless of whether I have to take responsibility for my father and his company in law, I have always believed in my heart that we must help him survive the difficulties and help all the people who have been damaged by this to recover their losses, whether it is psychologically or financially.”

Zhou Zhen Nan’s official apology is as follows:

In my eyes, my parents, like every parent, have always taken great care of their children, but they have also strictly disciplined them and do not tolerate bad behaviours. They have always hoped that I will learn to be independent and self-reliant. I am very grateful to my parents for nurturing me and educating me. I don’t understand business matters as I have been well protected since I was a child. I suddenly faced reality. My heart is very tormented. I felt guilty that I did not care enough about my family. That I did not find out the problems earlier. I am guilty towards all the people who have been by my side, those who have loved me and has been hurt, and I am even more guilty to have caused so much trouble to everyone.

I have been working hard these days to digest this matter. I know that I should stand up, and I must stand up. What I want to say is that the law will solve the legal problems. But whether or not I have to do it for my father and to take on the burdens of his company by law,  I have always believed in my heart that we must help him to tide over the difficulties and help all the people who have suffered as a result to recover the losses, be it psychologically or financially.

I am willing to do everything I can to spend love and time with my family and spend more time with my parents. I will also work harder to help my parents support them in the current situation. Maybe this process will be protracted, but I will not escape, I hope that everyone can give me time.

Finally, I am sorry for everyone who has been hurt by this incident. I will face it together with my parents and also deal with everything as soon as possible.

Zhou Zhen Nan’s personal statement comes a day after Wajijiwa Entertainment has released an official statement regarding rumours on debts owed by Zhou Zhen Nan’s parents.

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