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The “Falling Into Your Smile” OST Album To Will Be Released On July 30

The “Falling Into Your Smile” OST Album is set for global release on 30th July! In a behind-the-scenes clip leading up to the release, the song artistes, WayV, SEVENTEEN and Xu Kai revealed their...

Zhai Xiaowen Pays for A Vase Broken by His Fans

A fan of Zhai Xiaowen's accidentally broke a vase when meeting him. After saying: "You're in trouble!", he turned to his assistant and said, "In a while, go ask; don't let them pay for...

R1SE Gets Together to Wish Twelves Happy Birthday

On the 8th of July - the day the fandom name "Twelves" was decided - R1SE, although having disbanded, gets together in the comments section of an interview to say happy birthday to Twelves.

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