Top 5 Best Chinese Drama Romance OSTs For 2021, So Far

Romantic Chinese dramas are indeed irresistible. Once you got hooked, you can no longer run. The soundtracks in every important scene of the drama help in setting off the mood and make the viewers...

Zhou Dongyu Joins the Shanghai Film Festival As The Judge of The Golden Goblet Award

Recently, the 24th Shanghai Film Festival have made changes to the list of judges for the main competition unit of the Golden Goblet Award. Zhou Dongyu and Belgian photographer Matthias Delvaux were announced to...

Ding Chengxin Is All Smiles After Taking His College Entrance Exams

Ding Chengxin recently took a group photo with his classmates recently. On the evening of the 9th, a photo of Ding Chengxin with his classmates after the college entrance examination was revealed online.

Street Dance of China – Season 4

The "Street Dance of China 4"'s International Challenge is about to start. The three-season champion and the All-Star Captain Alliance will lead Chinese dancers to meet the challenges of street dance masters from all...

Wang Yibo Is Officially Confirmed to Return to “Street Dance of China 4”

On June 9, the Street Dance of China's official Weibo page announced that Wang Yibo would be making his return to the fourth season of the show. Wang Yibo was one of the mentors...

Truth Or Dare (Chinese Drama) – Li Gengxi, Huang Jun Jie

Truth or Dare (花好月又圆) is a Chinese costume drama that follows the lives of two couples, Xiao Wanzi (Li Gengxi) and the stoic major Mei Shiqing (Huang Jun Jie)

Yang Zi Denies She Has A Boyfriend and Affirms She Is A Single and Strong Woman

Yang Zi recently refuted rumors that she has a boyfriend at a press conference of the iQiyi variety show, "The Detectives' Adventures."

Zhou Zi Xin (周紫馨) Profile and Facts

Zhou Zixin (周紫馨) is a film and television actress in Mainland China. Her remarkable role made her noticed as a boyish humorous surgeon in "A Love so Beautiful" starred with Hu Yitian and Shen...

Jackson Wang Withdraws From The Qingdao Rye Music Festival

On June 7, Wang Jiaer's studio issued an announcement on the social platform that “Jackson Wang Jiaer could not participate in the Rye Music Festival in Qingdao on June 13 due to unexpected travel...

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