Zhang Bin Bin (张彬彬) Profile and Facts

Vin Zhang Bin Bin

Vin Zhang Binbin (张彬彬) is a Chinese film and TV actor born on January 19, 1993 in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. He graduated from Shanghai Drama Academy and is best known for his role in “Rattan”, “Storm Eye” and “Eternal Love”.


Zhang Bin Bin
Zhang Binbin

Name: Vin Zhang Bin Bin
Chinese name: 张彬彬
Birthday: January 19, 1993
Place of Birth: Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Height: 183cm
Weight: 70kg
Nationality: Chinese
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Profession: Actor
Star sign: Capricorn
Chinese zodiac: Monkey
Blood type: O
Agency: Jay Walk Studio
Education: Shanghai Film Academy

Social Media Accounts

Weibo: @张彬彬Vin


  • As a child, he enjoyed singing and performing.
  • His family encouraged him to pursue acting.
  • He was admitted into the Performance department of the Shanghai Film Academy.
  • He was ranked and qualified as first place within the Shanghai region for his college entrance exam.
  • He made his first appearance in the media through a Jiangsu TV talent show where he showed off his singing.
  • He was eliminated in the first round of the talent show since he went off pitch.
  • He made his drama debut in “V Love” alongside Yang Mi.
  • He participated in the interview by chance and was finally confirmed.
  • His first label was Jiaxing Media, which he signed in the same year when he received his first offer for an acting role.
  • When asked which female celebrities he keeps in contact most frequently, he named Yang Mi and Jing Tian.
  • He likes to flatter Jing Tian about her acting prowess on Rattan, and she would also flatter him back.
  • He revealed that his dad no longer rushes for him to get married as his dad respects his decision.
  • To quickly get in character, Zhang Bin Bin revealed that he would usually have a good understanding of the script.
  • It is also important for him to have confidence in the role that he is portraying.
  • Once he can “believe” in his character, he feels that he would be able to better deliver the show.
  • He admires Dilireba‘s ability to portray a different character well in every new drama they film together.
  • He doesn’t get tired of Dilireba’s acting as he thinks she is very versatile.
  • Since he went to the same college as Dilireba, he revealed that among the male students in school, Reba was viewed as the “female goddess” due to her exceptional beauty.
  • He is viewed by the audience as a warm guy with a down to earth temperament.
  • If he gets into a fight with a girlfriend and he is the one at fault, he would take the initiative to apologize to her and admit his mistake.

Ideal Type

  • He likes lively girls who have a warm personality
  • Girls who are talkative and also extroverted suit his taste better

TV Series

  • Song of the Moon (2022) as Lu Li / Luo Ge
  • Be Together (2021) as Xu Chengyi
  • Eight Strange Cases of the Republic (2021)
  • Rattan (2021) as Qin Fang
  • Storm Eye (2021) as Ma Shang
  • Love Is Fate (2019) as Xia Yuhang
  • I Will Never Let You Go (2019) as Chen Yu / Lian Yike
  • The Flame’s Daughter (2018) as Zhan Feng
  • The King’s Woman (2017) as Yin Zheng
  • Eternal Love (2017) as Li Jing
  • Pretty Li Hui Zhen (2017) as Lin Yimu
  • Love O2O (2016) as KO
  • Invisible Wings (2016) as Duan Gang
  • The Legend of the Monster (2016) as Liu Di
  • Chronicle of Life (2016) as Nalan Rongruo
  • Long Time No See (2015) as Qiao Ran
  • Ai De M Xing Zhuan Wan (2014) as Xiao Jiang
  • V Love (2014) as Han Dingyi

Drama OST Discography

  • Wonderful Surprise – Rattan (2021)
  • Never Fall Never Clear (不落不明) – Rattan (2021)
  • To Love Completely (愛得起) with Li Xi Rui – Pretty Li Hui Zhen (2017)
  • A Smile is Beautiful (一笑倾城) with Bai Yu, Zhang He, Cui Hang and Zheng Ye Cheng – Love O2O (2016)
  • Heavenly Stairs (天梯) – V Love (2014)
  • Our Era (我们的时代) – V Love (2014)

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2019 CCTV Spring Gala: Youth Role Model
  • 2017 9th China TV Drama Awards: Most Promising Actor
  • 2017 Weibo Fashion Awards: Most Talented New Male Artist
  • 2017 Instyle Icon Awards: Popular Male Artist
  • 2016 Fashion Power Awards: New Artist Award

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