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Daily Cpop was started by a lonely Cpop fan in 2018 who wanted to spread her love for the singer, Hua Chen Yu. Together with some friends, they set up this website together with the goal to create a community for their international friends to spread their love for Chinese Entertainment.

They hope that by providing English translations of Chinese articles from Sina Entertainment, the Chinese entertainment industry will become a much more accessible niche for international fans.

If you love what we do and are interested to help contribute articles about Chinese celebrities, drop us an email at [email protected]! Like you, our translators come from within the C-pop community itself and have an aim to grow this fandom as best as they can.

News Partners

We work with Chinese Entertainment companies to bring you the best and most accurate news to date.

Our official news partners include NSMGroup, Chuang 2021 and also Nestia.

About The Content We Publish

We strive to publish and deliver you official content, which include statements from the artistes, agency or their studio or reputable news agencies. These news will likely be found on Sina Entertainment under the official news category, as you can see from the sources that we cite. The reason for doing so is for us to be accountable for the news we publish – as much as possible, we prefer to refrain from spreading rumours or unconfirmed news.

Our job is simple: To deliver the news to you and let you make a judgement on the content it encapsulates.

We hope you will enjoy our publications, and if you have any feedback always feel free to reach out to [email protected].

For all media, sponsorship and contact enquiries:

Please send an email to [email protected].

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