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Daily C-Pop’s 2021 Highlights

It was certainly an interesting year, for not just C-Pop but the entirety of Chinese entertainment in 2021, with events that have impacted the industry permanently. While we are at the dawn of the...

Eclectic and Enchanting: An Interview With Matt Hsu and Cait Lin

Daily Cpop interviews Matt Hsu (Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra) and Cait Lin, for their collaboration, “Welcome to the Neighbourhood”.

T.U.B.S Officially Announce Their Official Fanclub Name, Color and Physical Album Release

T.U.B.S released their latest MV of “Still The One” earlier this week. After living apart in different cities, the boys finally got together and went on a summer getaway in this retro vibe MV....

The “Falling Into Your Smile” OST Album To Will Be Released On July 30

The “Falling Into Your Smile” OST Album is set for global release on 30th July! In a behind-the-scenes clip leading up to the release, the song artistes, WayV, SEVENTEEN and Xu Kai revealed their...

C-Pop Songs To Stream This June 2021

June has been a month full of great Cpop releases. I thought it might be nice to highlight some of our favourite Cpop songs this month.

Sun Zhen Ni of SNH48 Makes A Touching Video Thanking Her Fans Just Before The SNH48 Elections

On July 2nd, Sun Zhen Ni posted a video ahead of the SNH48 election on Weibo. This video impressed her followers, as the idol specially mentioned one of her fansite masters.

Yan Yongqiang from Fruit Planet Issues Then Deletes Apology for Unfollowing Fellow Band Members

On the 27th of June, Yan Yongqiang, suona player from the band Fruit Planet signed to Wajijiwa, issued a response as to why he suddenly unfollowed his fellow band members on Weibo.

Ex-CLC Member ELKIE Sings a Heart-Wrenching Song With JiLi from The Untamed Boys After Leaving The Group

Ex-CLC member ELKIE collaborates with JiLi, member of Chinese boy band T.U.B.S (The Untamed Boys) after announcing her departure from K-Pop girl group CLC earlier this year.

“Falling Into Your Smile” Welcomes SEVENTEEN, WAYV, Joker Xue and Angela Chang As Singers For The Esports Drama OST

The long-awaited Chinese drama “Falling Into Your Smile” is slated to premiere globally from June 23 on Youku, WeTV, Line TV, Astro TV and more.

Zhang Yanqi To Sign With 88rising Following R1SE’s Disbandment

Former R1SE member Zhang Yanqi has announced that he will join 88rising, a mass media company to create a new music label, "SEVENATION".

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