Sun Zhen Ni of SNH48 Makes A Touching Video Thanking Her Fans Just Before The SNH48 Elections

Sun Zhen Ni

On July 2nd, Sun Zhen Ni posted a video she made ahead of the SNH48 election on Weibo. This video impressed her followers, as the idol specially shared a touching story about one of her dedicated fansite masters.

In the video, she recalled that during her filming session in Hengdian, her fansite master made it a point to take pictures of her everyday. Despite the fact that it was hard to do so as her fansite master would often get rushed off by the filming staff, she persisted and kept doing her best to snap beautiful pictures of her. With the photos taken, the fansite master could then share the images of the Sun Zhen Ni to help to raise awareness of her acting works.

Sun Zhen Ni expressed that her fan’s kind gestures made her feel touched and guilty at the same time. She took a picture of that fansite master’s backview and wrote that if she could become more popular, the photos taken by the fansite master would be able to get more engagement (share, likes, and comments). This way, the fansite master would have a greater sense of achievement.

Sun Zhen Ni was a former CHUANG 2020 contestant

In a bid to make wishes together with her fans, Sun Zhenni collected all birthday greetings from her fans on her birthday. She wrote a Weibo post asking fans what are their hopes and wishes. After reading their response, she hand-wrote all of her fans’ usernames and sent her blessing to them, hoping that her fans can also realize their dreams.

The entire video made by Sun Zhenni was crafted in great detail and made the viwers feel very warm. At the end of her video, she even wrote, “I am looking up at this starry sky, and I am also gazing at the stars perched in your eyes. They are shining for me from time to time, and they are also always shining for you. Thank you”

Sun Zhenni Discussed Her SNH48 Election Target Ranking

When talking about the target ranking for the SNH48 election, Sun Zhenni said that she felt guilty, “In some sense, fans often transfer their own right to have dreams/aspirations to their idols without expecting anything in return….”

sun zhen ni snh48
Sun Zhen Ni is a member of SNH48

She also added:

“My life goal is ultimately my own. You are not responsible for this. If you choose to accompany me to chase this goal, please write your dream in this post. Write it in front of my goal. The success of an idol is not equal to fans’ satisfaction. On the other hand, if a little bit of your happiness in life comes from an idol, it is worthy of my memory and pride.”

Sun Zhen Ni’s thoughts on her election ranking goals
Sun Zhenni’s Weibo Post
I am looking up at this starry sky,  
and also gazing at the stars in your pupils. 
They shine for me from time to time, 
and always shine for you. 
Thank you.
- Sun Zhen Ni's Weibo Post

After watching the video, fans made comments such as, “Zhenni is working hard. It could be a bond between idols and fans!” and “Let’s work hard together, shine together! It will be wonderful!”

Watch the full video made by Sun Zhen Ni here.

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