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Who Are The Smartest Chinese Celebrities Based on Their College Entrance Exam Results?

Because TNT's Ma Jiaqi didn't pass his culture exam in the Gaokao exam, also known as the college entrance exams in China, celebrities' Gaokao results have been hotly discussed on Weibo.

Xiao Zhan and Li Qin Get Caught In Dating Rumors After Having Hotpot Together

Recently, Xiao Zhan and Li Qin were speculated to be dating as the actress appeared at the scene of the Xiao Zhan stage play celebration banquet. Some netizens even reported that the two are...

Yang Zi Denies She Has A Boyfriend and Affirms She Is A Single and Strong Woman

Yang Zi recently refuted rumors that she has a boyfriend at a press conference of the iQiyi variety show, "The Detectives' Adventures."

Dilireba and Gong Jun Are Rumored To Star in Upcoming Drama “Legend of Anle”

The recent prospect of Dilireba and Gong Jun starring in the same drama has caused a huge buzz on the Chinese internet.

Darren Wang Talu and Rumored Girlfriend Joey Chua Have Been Spotted Kissing In Public

Recently, the paparazzi captured a footage of the actor Darren Wang Talu and rumored girlfriend Joey Chua (Cai Zhuoyi) from "Youth With You 2" kissing late at night. The news became trending on Weibo's...

Li Xian Denies Dating Rumours With Wang Zixuan

On May 20th, Li Xian dismissed rumors about his "secret relationship" with Wang Zixuan on Instagram. The post was later like by his alleged love interest, Wang Zixuan.

Zhao Rang of R1SE Indirectly Denies Dating Labelmate, Zeng Shuyan

With less than two months until R1SE‘s disbandment, Zhao Rang has found himself in the center of dating allegations with label mate, Zeng Shuyan. On April 26, a video of R1SE member Zhao Rang...

Du Hua Accidentally Likes A Post Speculating Yang Zi and Lay Zhang Are Dating

On the 27th of April Yue Hua Entertainment CEO Du Hua accidentally “liked” a video speculating that Yang Zi and Zhang Yixing are dating.   Netizens were upset to discover that Du Hua had...

Tian Guan Ci Fu Drama Leads Are Rumoured To Be Hou Minghao, Liu Xueyi and Ding Chengxin

Tian Guan Ci Fu (Heaven’s Official Blessing) has recently been announced as an upcoming TV drama adaptation. It was confirmed that one of the directors of the Untamed, Chen Jialin would be onboard the...

Youth With You 3 Funding Rankings

Youth With You 3 Funding Rankings (Updated) Youth With You 3 Fundraise Rankings are important as it an help trainees gain extra votes in the show. This table is produced and made by @i选秀儿...

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