Yang Zi Denies She Has A Boyfriend and Affirms She Is A Single and Strong Woman

Yang Zi recently refuted rumors that she has a boyfriend at a press conference of the iQiyi variety show, “The Detectives’ Adventures.”

Yang Zi The

At that point in time, the MC Sun Honglei asked Yang Zi if she was in love. The actress, who was dressed up as Bai Yaoyao from her drama, “The Destiny of White Snake”, refuted the rumor while also making an “X” gesture.

Yang zi rumors
Yang Zi refuted rumors with an X gestures.

Her adorable reaction made everyone at the scene break into laughter, as her light-hearted and humorous means of refuting a love affair appeared to be very rare among female celebrities.

Sun Honglei’s question appeared to be directed at his good friend from the variety show, “Go Fighting!”, which is none other than Zhang Yixing.

Yang Zi and Lay Zhang Yixing Have Denied Dating Many Times

Yang Zi

At the beginning of the year, fans started the rumor that Yang Zi and Zhang Yixing were dating. Both instantly stepped out to refute the rumors, calling them baseless. In the recent variety show, “Back To Field”, where Yang Zi and Zhang Yixing met on the same episode, Yang Zi admitted that both her and Zhang Yixing actually did not know each other well.

Yang Zi Zhang Yixing
The actress and Zhang Yixing on the same stage
Yang Zi Lay Zhang
Yang Zi admits that she and Lay Zhang do not know each other well

Despite the rumors of them dating being denied countless of times, it did not help when the CEO of Yuehua EntertainmentDu Hua, liked a Weibo post that reported some rumoured news that Yang Zi and Zhang Yixing were in love. The Yuehua CEO’s slip of hands and once again brought the rumors of their relationship back to the forefront.

Lay and Yang Zi joke about the rumors that they are dating online
Lay and Yang Zi joke about the rumors that they are dating online

Although Du Hua later apologized and said that it was a finger slip, many netizens still speculated that as the owner of an entertainment company, Du Hua may know more insider news than anyone else.

When both filmed in “Back To Field” the two naturally already knew about the rumors of them being in a relationship with each other. The way the two chose to refute the rumors of their relationship was very special as they brought up the issue publicly in the show.

When Zhang Yixing met up with Yang Zi, he also called her his “girlfriend according to the gossips”, causing laughter among the viewers. What made the episode even funnier was that both also happened wear the same pyjamas during an episode in the show.

On the advice of Huang Lei, He Jiong and others, they believed that wearing the same style in the show would be fine. It simply proved that the two were getting along well.

Apart from that, Zhang Yixing also called Yang Zi “jiejie” despite him being older than her.

Although Huang Lei also specially mentioned on “Back To Field” that the actress and Zhang Yixing were a good fit for each other, as he was at the age where ‘he should get married’. Similarly he also stated that the actress did not have a boyfriend and they would truthfully be ‘a good match.’

But since both has denied rumors, fans ought to respect their individual careers.

Overall, the focus should be palced on Yang Zi’s individual career and to also support her development as an actress.

Yang Zi upcoming drama
Yang Zi

As influential and skilled actress, it is inevitable that there would be rumors about her dating life from time to time. We hope that fans can pay more attention to her acting works and look forward to her upcoming dramas, “The Oath of Love”, “The Psychologist” and “The Golden Hairpin” instead!

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