“Youth And Melody” Confirm Lay Zhang As Producer, Curley Gao, Li Wenhan and more Appointed As Label Representatives

Youth And Melody
Youth And Melody

On March 29, China’s first music label themed survival show “Youth And Melody” by Dragon TV was officially announced. The variety program and released its first ever concept poster and confirmed that it will be broadcasted from April onwards.

“Youth And Melody” will gather representatives from the major domestic entertainment companie. Through the new adaptation and interpretation of popular classic Chinese tunes, the viewers are expected to experience the evolution of Chinese music over the years.

Zhang Yixing
Zhang Yixing

“Youth And Melody” Appoints Lay Zhang As The Producer

Lay Zhang Yixing has been appointed as the “Producer” in Dragon TV’s “Youth And Melody.” More specifically, he will be taking on 3 key roles. First as the label convener, second as the music producer and third, as the CEO of Chromosome Entertainment Group.

As one of the leaders of the new generation of C-pop music, Lay Zhang has always advocated for the production of one’s original music and works, emphasising his conviction to reinventing the Cpop music industry. Not only is he one of the bestselling Chinese artists in recent years, he is well recognized not just for his accolades but also for chis huge and dedicated fanbase.

Joining the show with a new identity this time, Lay Zhang will communicate with the younger generations of major labels artiste through imposing his excellent musical standards and professional dance prowess. With his participation in the show, Lay Zhang can provide the fellow label representatives with his help and guidance.

The Concept Behind “Youth And Melody”

Dragon TV’s variety show, “Youth And Melody” make a bold innovation this time as it gathers major music labels on the same TV platform the first time. It even dedicates an entire stage to the showcase of classical Chinese melodies.

By allowing artistes to create their own renditions of the the golden tunes, the program can open the gateway for guests and the audiences to rethink how old tunes too, can age like fine wine with the creativity of the younger generation.

The program selects “Golden tunes as the tide, let youths break through the currents” as its show slogan. It stays true to its theme of providing a stage for young musicians to experience the classical tunes.

Representatives Appointed For The Entertainment Companies

At the same time, 6 companies were invited to compete in the form of label duels. Most of these 6 companies have sent trainees to participate in survival groups before.

The six companies represented in the show include Yuehua Entertainment, Cool and Young Entertainment, CHUANG Group, Sony Music Entertainment, OACA and Shanghai Star48 Culture Media Group Co.

Youth And Melody Label Representatives
Youth And Melody Label Representatives


Yue Hua Entertainment Representative: Li Wenhan (UNIQ)

Li Wenhan
Li Wenhan

Yuehua Entertainment has sent Li Wenhan as the family representative this time, and some other artists from Yuehua Entertainment will be expected to participate in the competition in the future.

From the “Idol Producer series”, “Chuang 2021” to “Youth With You 3”, the artists of Yuehua Entertainment have always been sent to these survival show competitions. This includes the likes of Yang Jiu Zhou, who is doing decently currently on Youth With You 3.

The family’s slogan is rather combative: “The world of Yuehua is charming to your eyes, we will do whatever we can to defend our stage!” Suffice to say, it is a statement that is rather apt for the company, as they could send their trump card performer, Wang Yibo, where necessary.

CHUANG Label Representative: Curley Gao (Bon Bon Girls 303)

Among the Chinese Entertainment companies, few can pose a real threat to Yuehua the way Wajijiwa Entertainment can.

Wajijiwa is the current management company for Bon Bon Girls 101. It also has many talented individuals under its label. Though Curley Gao was elected this time round to take charge and represent the “CHUANG” brand, instead of the explicit “Wajijiwa Entertainment” label.

Curley Gao
Curley Gao

It is worth noting that for the current survival show, “Chuang 2021”, Wajijiwa Entertainment has sent a few trainees, including Fu Sichao and Zhang Jia Yuan. The show could potentially be a proxy showdown between two of China’s biggest entertainment company, Yuehua and Wajijiwa Entertainment. This prospect leaves fans anticipate the show even more.

Shanghai Star48 Culture Media Group Label Representative: Sun Rui (SNH48 Group)

Sun Rui
Sun Rui

Sun Rui from Shanghai Star48 Culture Media Group Co. will accept the challenge on behalf of her company. The company’s main niche is the creation of girl groups. Most notably, it is in charge of SNH48 Group and it’s respective subunits.

Its subsidiary label, Huohe Media has a corresponding trainee business that has sent trainees to “Youth with You 3” too. It is exciting to watch how the SNH48 representative will perform against the other labels, and also invite fellow trainees from her label where necessary.

OACA label Representative: Li Zixuan


Li Zixuan has been chosen by OACA Entertainment to represent her company. The singer has previously competed in Produce 101 China in 2018. Her company also sent trainees Liu Lingzi and Jenny Z for last year’s Youth With You 2 survival show competition. Li Zixuan is the only singer out of the representatives who is a soloist, so it will be interesting to see her showdown with the rest of the label members.

Her label’s slogan is perhaps the most lowkey out of the other labels: “Friendship first, competition second! Singing is beautiful!” It appears that the company seemsto value the experience of the competition more than the results.

Sony Music Entertainment Representative: Yao Bonan

Yao Bonan
Yao Bonan

Sony Entertainment has elected former UNINE member Yao Bonan to represent the label. In terms of resources, Sony Music (China) ranks higher than most of the companies invited to the show. Like the rest of the representatives, Yao Bonan also came from a boy group. He was formerly bandmates with Li Wenhan having successfully debuted from Youth With You. It will be interesting to see the former UNINE members challenge each other on stage.

Cool Young Entertainment Label Representative: Li Xikan (S.K.Y)

Li Xikan
Li Xikan

S.K.Y member Li Xikan will be representing Cool Young Entertainment.

The label’s family declaration is relatively simple: “The stage needs atmosphere!”

Sure enough Li Xikan would be the most suitable representative. The idol previously participated in variety show “Idol Producer.”  He finished as rank 13th in the show. However, in 2020, he participated in the variety show “We Are Young” and became the leader and center of the boy band, S.K.Y.

Li Xikan looks refreshing and cute, and is very explosive on the stage. Just like Cool Young Entertainment’s declaration, he will definitely make the stage atmosphere up.

Which Family Will You Support?

The producers and family representatives invited by “Youth And Melody” are all artists who have emerged from various survival shows. The concept is similar to “We Are Blazing” – a Cpop survival show that aired in 2020. Last year, the top C-Pop groups including Rocket Girls 101, R1SE, and SNH48 all took part in the competition. The viewership ratings were extremely high!

It can only be said that variety shows in China are getting more and more innovative, which is to the excitement of the viewers!

For now, fans can look forward to the broadcast for “Youth And Melody” on Dragon TV every Saturday night in the month of April. Stay tuned for the official broadcast date!

Let us know which family you would be supporting in the comments below!

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