Youth With You 3 Announce The Trainees For Their 2021 Survival Show

Youth With You 3 has officially released the names of all participating trainees for this year’s survival show.

All 119 participating trainees this year come from 67 different entertainment companies.

Youth With You 3 Release Full List of Survival Show Trainees
Youth With You 3 Release Full List of Survival Show Trainees


Some of the more well-known trainees such as Zhong Junyi come from more notable entertainment companies such as L-TAO Entertainment, whose CEO is Huang Zitao.

Yuehua Entertainment has also created an umbrella label, Yihua Entertainment with a trio of trainees including Liu Qi, Tang Jiuzhou and Zhang Jingyun who are among the highly anticipated trainees for the survival show.

While the trend for survival shows appeared to have plateaued in Korea, Korean companies such as YG Entertainment have not been shy of sending their Chinese trainee, Kingston, (from the company’s chinese HQ) to take part in Youth With You.

His introduction video was touted as stylish and impressionable by Chinese netizens and it led fans to wonder how the trainee will perform.

Banana Culture Music, otherwise more well-known by its Korean label “Banana Culture Entertainment” has also fielded in two male trainees, Jiang JIngZuo and Zhao Jinyao.

The company’s current artiste in China also include Meng Jia (formerly Jia from Miss A) who has successfully made her debut with the “Priceless Sisters” just last year on the variety show, Sisters Who Make Waves.

Companies such as Youhug have chosen to send in more trainees, including Luo Yizhou, Chen Jianyu, Kong Xiangchi and Jiang Zhihao.


Perhaps some of the most interesting trainees are those who do not conform to the stereotypical male idol – lean, handsome and tall.

Meet Produce Panda, a Chinese boy group consisting of all plus-sized boy band members. Aged between 23 to 32 years old, the members of this boy band were recruited precisely because they did’t fit in the standard physique embodied by the members of One Direction or Nine Percent.

In an interview with the Guardian, their band member Mr 17 stated, “This is a plus-sized, all-singing, all-dancing idol band, which has never been seen before in the whole world. We just look like a group of pandas: huggable, chubby shape, relaxed and happy attitude.”

Unlike most Chinese boy groups members who prefer to keep their presence on Weibo, the Produce Pandas each have accounts on Twitter. The members are also not shy of sharing selfies and even update their international fans regularly.

While this post is not entirely comprehensive in introducing all 119 trainees, we hope it has helped to convince you to check out Youth With You 3!

Who are the trainees that you are rooting for? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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  1. Looking forward to LIAN HUAIWEI in the 3rd season of YWY. Let’s get that No.1 spot! You deserve it. I will always be rooting for you since season 1.

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