Rainbow Xu (Xu Mengjie 徐梦洁) Profile and Facts

Xu Mengjie is a Chinese Idol previously under AMG, debuted in Lady Bees and later on became the 11th member of Rocket Girls 101

Name : Xu Mengjie
Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 徐梦洁
English Name: Rainbow
Nicknames: 彩虹 (Cai Hong / Rainbow), 小彩虹 (Xiao Cai Hong / Little Rainbow)
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 19, 1994
Place Of Birth: Shanghai, China
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 166cm
Weight: 50kg
Occupation: Chinese Idol/Singer & Actress
Agency: Xu Mengjie Dreamworks (Studio)
Associated Acts: Rocket Girls 101, Lady Bees


  • Mengjie earned the nicknames “Rainbow” (彩虹 / Cai Hong) and “Little Rainbow” (小彩虹 / Xiao Cai Hong) due to the fact that when she smiles, her eyes crease like little rainbows
  • Her family owns a restaurant that is known for their chicken feet
  • She was a sprinter before pursuing her dream of becoming an idol
  • Mengjie used to have a number of tattoos, including a large rainbow unicorn on her arm and small stars on her fingers, however she has since had them removed
  • She specializes in dancing and composing
  • Mengjie joined Lady Bees in 2015 as a member of Hive Team SH1 and ranked 2nd in the only LB Election
  • She then transferred to Team Wind in 2017 and later left the group in 2018 after the teams disbanded
  • Mengjie participated on Hot Blood Dance Crew alongside THE9’s Liu Yuxin and Kong Xueer
  • She studied pop dance for 3-4 years prior to attending Produce 101 China
  • Mengjie is a fan of Blackpink and her favorite member is Jennie
  • She was considered the “Dark Horse” of Produce 101 China as she never ranked within the TOP11 until the finale
  • Mengjie finished the show at rank 11 with 83M votes, securing herself a debut spot in Rocket Girls 101
  • In 2019, Mengjie played the female lead, Lin Wei, in the drama Project 17: Spike
  • She has a dog named Cindy (徐梦洁小彩虹的辛迪狮子王)
  • In January of 2021, Mengjie canceled her contract with AMG and established her own company, Beijing Hongtao Culture Communication Co., Ltd as well as her own studio, Rainbow Dreamworks
  • On March 24, she released an OST “Like You” for the drama, Unusual Idol Love
  • Mengjie officially debuted on June 18, 2021 as a solo artist with her first EP, 11

Official Social Media Accounts 

Weibo: 徐梦洁
Studio Weibo: Rainbow梦工厂
 Spotify: 徐梦洁
Instagram: rainbow__xu
Oasis: 徐梦洁
Douyin: 徐梦洁
QQ: 徐梦洁

Fandom Facts

Name of fandom/fans: 彩蛋 (Cai Dan) Meaning: Easter Eggs
Official fandom color – Dandelion Yellow (#ffd400)
Weibo Official Fanclub accounts: 徐梦洁_Rainbow应援团


11 | 2021


Never Stand Still (for Project: 17) | 2019 (ft. Yang Chaoyue & Lai Meiyun)
Like You (for Unusual Idol Love) | 2021

TV Drama/Movie appearances

Project 17: Spike (Lin Wei) | 2019
Love Me Fearlessly (Yu Guo) | 2021
Secrets in the Lattice (Ding Xian) | 2021
I Told My Crush to the Wind | TBA

Variety Show Appearances 

Produce 101 China |  2018
Rocket Girls 101: Reality Show | 2018
The Coming One 2 | 2018 (Ep. 8)
Idol Hits | 2018 (Ep. 8)
Super Nova Games | 2018-2021
Rampaging 20’s | 2019-2020
Produce Camp | 2019 (Ep. 9, Mentor Collaboration)
The Coming One 3 | 2019 (Ep. 10)
Let’s Sing Together | 2019
Produce Camp | 2020 (Ep. 3, Senior)
We Are Blazing | 2020 (Ep. 3-8)
Goose Gala | 2021

Latest MV/Song or Stage


LAMER | 2021
Dove – Brand Ambassador | 2018
Pocky | 2018
LANCOME | 2018
McDonald’s | 2018
Marc Jacobs “Daisy Love” – Promotional Ambassador | 2019
Dove – Brand Event | 2019
Reebok | 2019
OLAY | 2020
OPPO “Reno3 Pro” | 2019
3CE “Stylenanda – Fluffy Red” | 2020
Move Free – Brand Ambassador | 2020
Skechers – Brand Event | 2020
Beijing Fashion Week – Youth Fashion Ambassador | 2020
Cerave | 2020

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