Rocket Girls Each Celebrate Their 3rd Year Anniversary With Selfies

3 years ago, June 23 was the day when the Rocket Girls 101 officially debuted.

One year ago, June 23 was the day when Rocket Girls 101 officially disbanded.

June 23 this year is the 3rd anniversary of Rocket Girls 101’s debut and the 1st anniversary of its disbandment.

How Rocket Girls Celebrated their 3rd Annivasary

June 23 is the third anniversary of the Rocket Girls 101 group. This special day is very unforgettable for every member. On the anniversary of the Rocket Girls every year, Rocket Girls My sisters will come here for several years.

Of course, on this special occasion, the girls would make a trending post to celebrate their special day.

If you look carefully at the gestures of the 11 of them, you can find that their gestures are all the same. Each of them raised two fingers, representing “101”. In fact, this gesture is what they used to compare in the group. Gesture. Every time a group action, they will say: “Hello everyone, we are Rocket Girl 101.” And accompanied by this gesture.

rocket girls selfie

Fans have not seen the sisters collectively make this gesture for a long time. Since Rocket Girl 101 disbanded, fans have not seen 11 of them make this gesture together.

This time when all 11 of them made such gestures collectively, the fans were in tears, and they felt that they were back when they were 11 together, and 11 of them had a better blog this time, which really brought everyone I’m so touched.

And this time, not only did the pictures have been unified, but the sisters also carefully designed the copywriting, which is really good! There are 11 of them, and each of them is accompanied by a word that they each updated along with the blog.

If you read the copywriting of 11 people together, it would give rise to the phrase “披荆斩棘天使翼,火箭少女101” which means to “Break through the thistles with their wings, Rocket Girls 101.”

This was their original team slogan. This time on the third anniversary, 11 of them uploaded selfies once more each taking a word from the slogan. Seeing the harmonious act by all 11 of them, countless fans couldn’t help but to exclaim that the girls were being extremely creative.

And this time, the 11 of them posted on Weibo according to the original debut ranking, starting with Meng Meiqi, followed by Wu Xuanyi, Yang Chaoyue, Duan Aojuan and so on, finally ending with Xu Mengjie. When Xu Mengjie arrived, it happened to be the “female (女)” character of Rocket Girl. She also wrote “101” in the comment area, saying the slogan in full

rocket girls cpop

Most fans are amazed and happy to learn that the group’s relationship with each other remained great. Even though they may have disbanded, they are still full of love for the band, and even after the dissolution.

They are definitely one of the most unforgettable Cpop groups to have made history.

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