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Rocket Girls’ Share Their Final Speech during the Farewell Ceremony

Rocket Girls’ Farewell Speeches during their Disbandment Ceremony

Each of the 11 members of Chinese girl group RocketGirls101 say their goodbyes and give their farewell speeches at the Rocket Girls Farewell Ceremony, held on June 23rd.

Amidst the touching moments, reluctance and tears about their disbandment, let’s read what each of the members have to say below:

Meng Meiqi 孟美岐 :

There’s no substitute for our warrior girl group. The girl who broke the rules will also be always there – Meng Meiqi of RocketGirls101, good bye. Whenever Meiqi turns around to look at everyone, everybody started to hide in a jokingly way. The relationship between us sisters is really good indeed.

Xuanyi 吴宣仪 :

In these past 2 years, I realized my tenderness and gentleness. These two years of disciplined training has been a great way to grow for us. Wah wow wow, you staff have worked hard and helped us take the blame for our mistakes many times.

Wu Xuanyi of RocketGirls 101, goodbye.

Yang Chaoyue 杨超越 :

You see, God doesn’t necessarily love smart people. There’s a one in ten thousand chance that luck will fall onto stupid children, so don’t give up on your dumb and mediocre self! The Heavens just likes you, you deserve to have this love. After 2 years, I finally graduated, I don’t have the chance to dance for you all to see in the future, I really can’t dance well! I also don’t have the 10 sisters to cover for me, it’ll come off as too obvious if I don’t dance well!
Yang Chaoyue of RocketGirls 101, goodbye.

Duan Aojuan 段奥娟 :

Thank you to older sisters for tolerating and accommodating me. When I think of the makeup artist will only be me alone in the future, we all need to learn how to grow up and learn to be strong. I’m thankful that us sisters met each other and crossed paths. Thank you sisters for these 2 years!
Duan Aojuan of RocketGirls 101, goodbye.


I don’t like to cry, but after meeting the Rocket Girls, I often shed tears. I’m someone who enjoys solitude and being alone, but after meeting the Rocket Girls, you all have realized my vulnerability. Now, we’ll be heading on to the next part of our journey. Sisters, Leader doesn’t have anything to leave for you all, only a shoulder.
Yamy of RocketGirls 101, goodbye.

Lai Meiyun 赖美云 :

I’m no longer a little kid, I have more confidence now, and am also able to be alone.
Lai Meiyun of RocketGirls 101, goodbye.

Zhang Zining 张紫宁 :

The journey of being a singer is very long, I’m thankful and grateful to my 10 sisters.
Zining of RocketGirls 101, goodbye.

Sunnee :

Rocket Girls, no matter what difficulties you face in the future, as long as I can help, I will definitely help everyone til the end – I love you all.
Sunnee Yang Yunqing of RocketGirls 101, goodbye.

Mimi Li Ziting 李紫婷 :

I believe that saying goodbye is the starting point of the next time we meet. I am really sorry that I was absent today at the ceremony, thank you to all the sisters for the two years of your company.
Li Ziting of RocketGirls 101, goodbye.

Jinna Fujing 傅菁 :

In the future, I can only walk this road alone. I am very afraid, and I am very reluctant, but this day still came. The Earth is round, we’ll meet again eventually.
Fujing of RocketGirls 101, goodbye.

Xu Mengjie :

Thank you to everyone in the past 2 years. You all have gave me the opportunity to stand in the pyramid, and today we have welcomed the graduation. What I want to say the most is I hope that all will be well for everyone. My memory will thus be sealed here, I hope all will be well for my sisters.
Xu Mengjie of RocketGirls 101, goodbye.

Rocket Girls 101, you will be missed by many. We truly wish the 11 sisters the best for their journey ahead!

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