Yamy (Guo Ying) Profile and Facts

Yamy Profile and Facts

Name: Yamy
Birth Name: Guo Ying
Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 郭颖
Nicknames: Teacher Duck / Yamy Jiang / Boss Ya / YaYa
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 7, 1991
Place Of Birth: Qingyuan, Guangdong, China
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
Occupation: Rapper, Dancer. Singer
Agency: Yamy Studio
Associated Acts: Rocket Girls 101 (火箭少女101) ; The Rap of China (S1); Kuchika Orchestra

  • Yamy Facts
    In 2015, Yamy participated in recruitment activities organized by JC Academy of Artists in major art colleges and became the first batch of trainees of the academy, started 1 year training before debuting in JC Artist Academy.
    Former Leader of Rocket Girls 101 (2 yr project girl group from Produce 101 China)
    She was the main rapper and dancer of Rocket Girls 101
    Former Leader of Kuchika Orchestra formed from JCU Ent.
    A graduate from the Zhongshan Campus of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University
    She joined Rap Of China Season 1 and finished rank 40
    She has an older brother, 9 years ahead of her.
    She always appear to be a cool single-eyelid girl, but she is actually kind and soft- hearted person
    She finished in 5th rank in Produce 101 China, earning her a spot and formed Rocket Girls 101 (now disbanded)
    She composed the Mulan’s words (2nd song performance in Produce 101) and took part on revising Chinese (S.H.E) on her 1st performance, she was also the one who rapped and composed the Theme Song of Produce 101 China titled, “Pick Me”.
    Yamy took part in 1 v 11 (Reality Show of JCU Ent), she was picked out along with other 9 members to be given a debut chance.
    She writes all her rap lyrics on all Rocket Girls album, including the EPs they release for OSTs and other promotions.
    Yamy has 4 cats and has an account on Weibo
    She knows how to speak in Mandarin, Cantonese and English
    She is good at dancing, gymnastics and writing rap/lyrics
    She shared a room with Meng Meiqi back in Produce 101 China and Rocket Girls 101 Dorm
    Yamy’s recording became viral when CEO of JCU Ent criticized her looks and fashion style last July 21, 2020, earning viral support of many artists including (All Rocket Girls 101 members, Huang Zitao, Xia Zhiguang, Peng Chuyue, Wu Yingxiang, Wang Ting, etc)
    She filed a case for termination of contract with JCU Ent and now has her own studio.
    She has walked in Paris and Milan Fashion Week and is always present in almost all Fashion Week Events after debuting.
    She has been very active in the Fashion Industry and was always posing for Fashion Magazines.
    Wrote her own rap lyrics in collaboration with HAYA Band in Big Band Season 2.
  • Yamy’s Official Social Media Accounts
    Weibo: Yamy_郭颖
    Yamy’s Studio Weibo: Yamy郭颖工作室
    Yamy’s Pets Weibo: 郭yamy的喵宅
    Spotify: Yamy
    Youtube: Yamy香港小分隊
    Instagram: yaayamy1007 and buzhidaoqushiyaohao
    Oasis: Yamy_郭颖
    Douyin: yaayamy1007
    QQ: Yamy郭颖
  • Yamy’s Fandom Facts
    Fandom name: Duck Cheese / Ya Cheese
    Official fandom color: Yellow Cheese
    Weibo Official Fan Club accounts:
  • Yamy’s Album/Singles
    Utopia | 2021
    About loving myself | 2021
    Drop it | 2020
    Beijing Travel Notes | 2020
    Diamond Rose | 2020
    Wish You Happy | 2020
    The Shepherd of Kunlun Mountains (collab w/HAYA) | 2020
    Hidden Tiger in Bamboo Forest | 2019
    Flying girl | 2019
    Freshness (collab w/ Wu Jiacheng) | 2019
    Don’t mess with girls | 2018
    Crow | 2017
    Ay | 2017
    Poor Wretch | 2017
  • Variety Show Appearances
    Young Forever | 2022
    Goose Gala | 2021
    Meet me radio | 2021
    Miss Beauty: Season 3 | 2020-21
    Irresistible Offer Season 2 | 2020
    The Big Band: Season 2 | 2020
    Super Nova Games: Season 3 | 2020
    We Are Blazing | 2020
    Produce Camp 2020 (Senior)| 2020
    Rampaging 20’s Season 2 | 2020
    Daily Cloud Time | 2020
    Super Nova Games: Season 2 | 2019
    Let’s Sing Together | 2019
    The Coming One 3 | 2019
    Produce Camp 2019 (Senior) | 2019
    Rampaging 20’s | 2019
    Day Day Up | 2019
    Super Nova Games | 2018
    Idol Hits | 2018
    Lipstick Prince | 2018
    The Coming One 2 | 2018
    Rocket Girls 101: Reality Show | 2018
    Produce 101 China (trainee) | 2018
    The Rap of China: Season 1 | 2017
    1 vs 11 | 2017

Yamy’s Latest MV


  • Yamy’s Endorsements (Present)
    Perfect Diary
    Vera Wang
  • Awards and Nominations (Individual/Group)
    Fashion Pioneer Singer of the Year | 2020
    Best Breakthrough Female Singer (Asian Music Festival 2020) | 2020
    Most Popular Hits (Annual Radio Single Awards) | 2020
    Top Ten Golden Melody Awards (Calorie – Rocket Girls 101) | 2019
    “Tunisian Night” Best Outstanding Contribution Award | 2019
    Chinese Song Music Festival Annual Most Popular Band and Combination Award (Rocket Girls 101) | 2018
    Tencent Video Starlight Festival Annual Group Award (Rocket Girls 101) | 2018
    Tencent Video Starlight Festival Annual Most Popular Music MV Award (Light – Rocket Girls 101)| 2018


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