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Sunnee Profile and Facts

Name: Sunnee
Chinese Name (Simplified):  杨芸晴 (Yang Yunqing)
Thai Name: Kewalin Boonsattha (เกวลิน บุญศรัทธา)

Nicknames: Boss Yang, Qing Qing, Nee, Qing Er, MeiMei
Nationality: Thai Citizen
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 28, 1996
Place Of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Occupation: Singer, Actress
Agency: K-L Entertainment
Music Label; Universal Music
Associated Acts: Rocket Girls 101 (火箭少女101) ; A’N’D

  • Sunnee Facts
    – Sunnee is of half-taiwanese and half-thai ancestry
    – She was the fangirl that was chosen by Huang Zitao when EXO had a concert in Thailand back in 2013.
    – Her fandom name said to be ‘Little Suns’, but it was later changed because it collided with a senior artist’s fandom name, ‘Sunstars’ was selected through a vote and ultimately chosen by Sunnee as her Fandom name.
    – At the age of 15, Sunnee went to Taiwan to pursue her dream of becoming a singer while also staying connected to her Chinese roots
    – Sunnee studied in Juang Jing Vocational High School in Taipei. During her stay, she was chosen by K-L Entertainment to become an artist under them.
    – After graduating high school, Sunnee attended Jinwen University of Science and Technology and majored in tourism.
    – On GTO Taiwan, Sunnee’s only a cameo and she had long hair when they filmed it.
    – On The X-Dormitory, Sunnee’s also a cameo but she already cut her hair short when they filmed her.
    – Sunnee made her acting debut on 2014, starring as Ding Dang in Angel ‘N’ Devil.
    – Sunnee ranked 6th in The Birth of A Star.
    – Sunnee ranked 8th in Produce 101 China, making her debut in Rocket Girls 101.
    – She shares a room with Duan Aujoan, and Xu Mengjie back in Rocket Girls 101 dorm.
    – Sunnee doesn’t like bananas and matcha.
    – Sunnee doesn’t eat beef and meat organs.
    – Sunnee inadvertently touches her ears and nose when she is shy.
    – Sunnee likes guys who cooks.
    – Sunnee touches her earpiece on stage performances sometimes.
    – Sunnee’s favorite flower is sunflower.
    – Sunnee had her first male partner in drama School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard.
    – Sunnee has a talent in swimming.
    – Sunnee can play Rubik’s cube.
    – Sunnee can play the guitar.
    – Sunnee has a leg injury from practicing/training.
    – Sunnee has allergic rhinitis.
    – Sunnee used to wear tutu skirts when she was young because her legs are short.
    – Sunnee loves seafood.
    – Sunnee has been confessed to when she was in high school.
    – Sunnee has another Weibo account where she view her fans posts about her.
    – Sunnee was the lead singer and lead dancer of A’N’D, and was the lead vocalist and lead rapper of Rocket Girls 101.
    – Sunnee’s fans likes to edit a picture of her with long hair. She took one of it and it was in a room, hanging on the wall. She also posted an edited long haired picture of her on Weibo on 2019.
    – Sunnee and her fans most used word is ‘I Can!’ (我可以!). It doesn’t state why they are using this word.
    – Sunnee loves to challenge herself with high notes.
    – Sunnee’s favorite music genre is R&B.
    – Sunnee once wore a long brown wig to test her fans and see if they will recognize her with the wig. In the end, they didn’t know it was her until they heard her voice.
    – Sunnee said that if she didn’t made it on Top 11 and debut in Rocket Girls 101, she’ll go back to Thailand to become a tourist guide.
    – Sunnee said that she’ll slowly try new styles from some time, and that there will be surprises in her image.
    – Sunnee is afraid of the dark. She once said in an interview that she always have to sleep with the lights on.
    – Sunnee once said that when they (K-L Entertainment boss) were choosing for her stage name, they chose Sunny because her Chinese name is connected with weather. But it’s already a common name in showbiz, so they decided to change ‘-ny’ to ‘nee’, and it became Sunnee. They chose ‘-nee’ because it’s her Thai name, Neenee.
    – Sunnee’s first album is entitled 《天气:晴》 (Weather: Sunny in exact English translation). The Original English name of her album is ‘How’s The Weather Today?’, and the origin of the English name came from her first fan club.
    – It was K-L Entertainment’s boss decision to make Sunnee’s hair short, because they believe she gives off different vibes with short hair than long hair. Sunnee also said that people became friendly to her after cutting her hair short.
    – Sunnee’s mom loves to braid her hair when it was still long.
    – Despite her neutral or androgynous style, Sunnee still wishes to wear a wedding gown someday.
    – Sunnee is scared of bugs.
    – Despite her skills in acting, Sunnee’s focus will be on making music.
    – Sunnee is known as ‘Catchy Movements Queen’ because she choreographed catchy dance steps on her performances twice. She is known in Produce 101 because of her ‘Motorcycle, make-up, and catching stars’ move on her company group, Hao Girls, performing Pu Tong Disco. On We Are Blazing, she thought of the ‘Swipe saliva – flying kiss’ move on Rocket Girls’ performance of Mei Fei Se Wu.
    – Sunnee is known for her luck of chasing and meeting her idols in China. She even have a collaboration with her idol, Tao, ‘Like A Child’ on her first solo album. She also have a signed album of Deng Ziqi despite having her name misspelled.
    – As per Zhang Jie, he said that Sunnee has expressive eyes. And because her expressive eyes, some people get startled or blushes when she looks at them.
    – Sunnee released her first solo album ‘How’s The Weather Today?’ on the same day of her birthday, September 28.


  • Sunnee’s Official Social Media Accounts
    Weibo: Sunnee杨芸晴
    Sunnee’s Studio Weibo: Sunnee杨总工作室
    Spotify: Sunnee杨芸晴
    Instagram: nee_kewalin
    Oasis: Sunnee_杨芸晴
    Douyin: Sunnee杨芸晴
    QQ: Sunnee杨芸晴
  • Sunnee’s Fandom Facts
    Fandom name: Sunstars (Tai Yang Xing / 太阳星)
    Official fandom color: Red Gold
    Weibo Official Fan Club accounts:
  • Sunnee’s Album/Singles
    TaTonYon…Hurry Up! ft Vrya | 2021
    Brave the Winds and the Waves | 2021
    Belong To You | 2020
    How’s The Weather Today? | 2020
    Things I Do For Love | 2020
    Look At Yourself | 2019
    Qing Ge | 2019
    That Me | 2019
    Sunny | 2018
    Don’t Cry | 2018
  • TV Drama/Movie appearances
    Hottie Has Demonic Temperament | 2018
    KO One: Re-call [Lan Sichun] | 2018
    School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard [Feng Xiaoxiao] | 2015
    Ange; ‘N’ Devil [Ding Dang] | 2014
    The X-Dormitory | 2014
    GTO Taiwan | 2014
  • Variety Show Appearances
    Shine! Super Brothers | 2021
    The Shape of Culture | 2021
    Goose Gala | 2021
    Mars Intelligence Agency Season 5 | 2020
    Super Hit | 2020
    Hello Life Season 2 | 2020
    Top Glory Moment | 2020
    Super Nova Games Season 3 | 2020
    We Are Blazing | 2020
    Rampaging 20’s Season 2 | 2020
    Mask Singer Season 4 | 2019
    Only 3 Days (Guest) | 2019
    Super Nova Games Season 2 | 2019
    Let’s Sing Together | 2019
    The Coming One 3 (Guest) | 2019
    Produce Camp (Guest) | 2019
    Super Penguin Alliance: Super 3 (Basketball Team Manager) | 2019
    Day Day Up (Guest) | 2019
    Rampaging 20’s| 2019
    Roast: Season 3 | 2018
    Super Nova Games | 2018
    What For Picnic (Guest) | 2018
    Idol Hits (Guest) | 2018
    The Coming One 2 (Guest) | 2018
    Rocket Girls 101: Reality Show | 2018
    Produce 101 (Trainee) | 2018
    The Birth of A Star (Trainee) | 2018
    100% Entertainment (Guest) | 2014-2016
    Goddess 21 | 2015
    Global Hokkien Singing Competition (Trainee) | 2011-2012


Sunnee’s Latest MV


  • Sunnee’s Endorsements (Present)
    EVM Master
    YSL Beaute
    Little Ondine
    Max Factor
    Atelier Cologne
  • Awards and Nominations (Individual/Group)
    Quality Musician of the Year at Madame Figaro Fashion Gala | 2021
    Top 10 Best Stage Award at Super Hit | 2021
    2020 iFeng Fashion Choice | 2020
    Cosmo Glam Night 2020 Mageline | 2020
    Fashion Talented Singers of the Year (iFeng Fashion Choice) | 2020
    Fashion Fearless Person of the Year (COSMO Glam Night) | 2020
    All Media Recommended New Artist of the Year | 2019
    Weibo Star Shine Goddess | 2019
    Most Popular New Influence 2019 | 2019
    Top Ten Golden Melody Awards (Calorie – Rocket Girls 101) | 2019
    2018 Popular New Artist | 2018
    Artist Influence Leaderboard Top 10 New Artist of the Year | 2018
    Chinese Song Music Festival Annual Most Popular Band and Combination Award (Rocket Girls 101) | 2018
    Tencent Video Starlight Festival Annual Group Award (Rocket Girls 101) | 2018
    Tencent Video Starlight Festival Annual Most Popular Music MV Award (Light – Rocket Girls 101)| 2018

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