Yang Zi Reveals That Huang Zitao Needs TNT’s Song Yaxuan To Accompany Him To The Toilet

Recently, Huang Zitao played a game in The Detectives’ Adventures. When everyone had to find their case files, the Cpop star insisted that the case sheet labelled,”The scaredy cat, [who] needs someone to go to the toilet with him” was not referring to him.

huang zitao, yang zi, song ya xuan
Yang Zi, Huang Zitao and Song Yaxuan appeared in variety show, “Detectives’ Adventures”

However, in a funny twist, Yang Zi immediately revealed that he got Song Yaxuan to accompany him to the toilet in the past.

While Yang Zi has exposed this secret of the idol, the viewers couldn’t help but to find this funny. Many felt that the Cpop star was someone who needed to maintain his reputation.😂

In response to the broadcast of the variety show episode, Huang Zitao wrote a Weibo post:

Sometimes you get bored when going to the toilet on your own. If you chat together, it’s better. 🤷‍♂️

Huang Zitao’s Weibo status

Huang Zitao’s toilet partner, Song Yaxuan was of course the first to comment on the post, saying, “Tao-ge, tao-ge, we talk very frequently” [+63,000].

Fans react to Huang Zitao’s Need For Someone To Accompany Him To The Toilet

My baby needs someone to go to the toilet with, this isn’t a secret; we knew it a few years ago [doge] but now… now everyone knows it, so everyone give him some face 😂 [+11,000]

Husband, don’t get constipated, concentrate on pooping [+902]

What do you [both] talk about? [doge emoji] [+800]

Don’t get diarrhoea, poop properly [+863]

Don’t talk anymore, I’ll just accompany you 😁 [+528]

Hahaha, next time look for me [+444]

Okay, understood [+413]

Hahaha that’s right, a lot of people is lively [+355]

Hahaha [+319]

What did [you both] talk about? The colour? The shape? [+376]

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