TNT’s First Album Sets New Sales Record Volume At 100 million For C-pop groups

Following the debut of C-pop group TNT, in a short span of a year and a half, the TF Family has built the 7-member group what is arguably one of the hottest boy group in the C-pop Industry.

TNT album
TNT Breaks Pre-Sales Record For A C-pop boy group

On April 30, TNT released their first physical album “Wu Xiang Zhi Nian” (舞象之年).  With less 119 hours left until the official release release, the physical album’s pre-sale launch broke sales records, where sales peaked over 100 Million RMB. The boy group made history by setting a new record for the most about of physical album sales by a Boy Group record in China. Overall, there are now more than 630,000 copies of the physical album sold.

In addition to breaking records in their first physical album, the TNT is also developing in all aspects of variety programs, movie, and television dramas. For example, last year, Ding Chengxin recorded “Actor Please Take Your Seat” and was eventually awarded the most popular actor award. His acting skills was also praised by the panel judges which included the likes of Zhao Wei, Guo Jingming and Chen Kaige. Apart from his entry into acting, he is also rumoured to take on the role of the male lead for the upcoming BL drama adaptation of “Tian Guan Ci Fu”, a popular novel written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.

Other members of TNT including Ma Jiaqi, He Junlin, Song Yaxuan, Zhang Zhenyuan, Yan Haoxiang and Liu Yaowen are also frequent visitors on variety shows. Be it for programs such as “Actor Please Take Your Seat” or “Ace v Ace”, the members are able to lift viewership ratings with their immense popularity.

Now that the boy group’s first album has set a 100 Million RMB record sales for physical albums, they will likely be identified as China’s top boy group. Despite being only 2 years into their debut, many already see the boys to be embarking on career paths in the likes of TFBoys.

The members of TNT are still all very young. All of them are under 20, and the youngest member is only 16. For now, they belong to a burgeoning group of idols. Many fans will continue to follow these boys as they grow up. Such young idols will have die-hard fans, given the sheer duration of time in future too for fans to fall in love with them. As they grow up, their fans will too. With strong affinity for these idols and with their increasing purchasing power, it is not surprising that sales of their first physical album exceeded 100 million RMB.

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