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Ding Chengxin TNT
Ding Chengxin TNT

Ding Chengxin (丁程鑫) is a C-pop singer and actor born on February 24, 2002 in Anyue County, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province. He is a male pop singer, film and television actor in Mainland China, and a member of the boy group, Teen In Times (TNT). In 2013, he entered the entertainment industry for the first time in the TF family self-made variety show “TF Youth GO”. He debuted as part of TNT on November 23, 2019.


Ding Chengxin
Ding Chengxin

Name: Ding Chengxin
Chinese Name: 丁程鑫
Nicknames: A-Cheng ge, Cheng Cheng, Xiao Ding
Birthday: February 24, 2002
Place of Birth: Anyue County, China
Position: Visual of the group, Main Dancer
Star Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Height: 175 cm (still growing)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type:
Occupation: Singer and Actor
Associated Acts: TNT, TYT
Label: Beijing Times Fengjun Culture Art Development Co Ltd Inc.
Education: Chongqing Yucai High School

Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 时代少年团丁程鑫
Instagram: –

Fandom Facts

Fandom Name: Bling (比邻星)
Fandom Color: Golden


  • He was born in Anyue County, Ziyang, China.
  • Family: He has an elder sister who is already married
  • He joined the TF family the earliest out of his bandmates in 2013.
  • He is the oldest member of the group
  • Skills: He is good at painting
  • Favorite food: Hot pot.
  • Favorite fruit: Orange.
  • Ideal type: Shorter than him, Long-haired, adorable type of girl
  • He likes green chilli.
  • He is very scared of heights.
  • He does not like to eat onions.
  • Hobbies: Singing, dancing, reading
  • He likes to take care of the younger members
  • Musical instruments: He knows how to play the guitar
  • He likes the song “Flammable and Explosive”(易燃易爆炸) by Chen Li.
  • He was formally the leader of the rookie boy group TYT.
  • Made his debut when he participated in the TF Family variety show “TF Youth Go!”
  • Acted in the Chinese dramas: “Sweet Combat”, “Finding soul” and more.
  • He is rumoured to cast in the drama adaptation of Heaven’s Official Blessing, “Tian Guan Ci Fu”.
  • He has been frequently bothered by ‘Sisheng’ (crazy/obsessed fans) who followed him home.
  • He issued multiple Weibo statements to tell fans to refrain from intruding on his privacy


  • UP! Youths (向上吧少年) | 2020
  • 2035 This Is Young (2035是这young) | 2020
  • Qing Ya Ji (晴雅集) | 2020
  • Only I Think So? (只有我一个人觉得) | 2020
  • Want You To Care (要你管) | 2020
  • Rain of Swords At Jianghu (剑雨江湖) | 2020
  • Youth Beauty (少年美) | 2020
  • Meeting (相遇) | 2020
  • Jiejie You Are So Beautiful (姐姐真漂亮) | 2020
  • Popcorn (爆米花) | 2020
Ding Chengxin
Ding Chengxin

Dramas and Filmography

  • Boy Hood 2 as Feng ChengCheng | TBA
  • Sweet Combat as Fang Zhou | 2018
  • Obsessed with Heart as Lin Shuo | 2018
  • Second Life as Cheng Yixin | 2017
  • Boy Hood as Feng ChengCheng | 2017
  • 21 Days With An Alien Cat as Ding Miao Miao | 2016
  • The Whirlwind Girl 2 as Chang An [Young] | 2016
  • Finding Soul | 2016

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