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Luo Yizhou (罗一舟) Profile

Luo Yizhou
Luo Yizhou

Luo Yizhou (罗一舟) is born on March 16, 2000, in Ningxia, China.

He is a Chinese Dancer, film and actor. He is a C-pop singer in Mainland China. In 2016, graduated from the dance department of the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Arts and is a student of the 2018 performance department of the Central Academy of Drama. In 2021, Luo Yizhou joined as a trainee of “Youth with You Season 3”.


Luo Yi Zhou
Luo Yi Zhou

Name: Luo Yizhou
Chinese Name: 罗一舟
Nicknames: Zhou Zhou (舟舟)
Birthday: March 16, 2000
Place Of Birth: Yinchuan, Ningxia,  China
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Height: 185cm
Weight: 65.5kg
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Agency: Youhug Media.

Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 青春有你3-罗一舟

Fandom Facts

Fandom Name: Carrot Porridge (萝卜粥)
Fandom Color: Dark Green


  • Family members: Consists of himself and a younger sister, as well as his parents.
  • Hobbies: Touring places with great rivers and mountains in different parts of China
  • His dad is an artist, but he does not consider himself as someone who is good at painting.
  • In 2011, he entered the People Liberation Army Academy of Art.
  • As a child, he performed to welcome VIPs during meetings with foreign affairs officials.
  • He took part in events such as the welcome performance for the Queen of Belgium and Mrs. Mexico etc.
  • He majored in Dance and registered to be a part of the Dance Department.
  • He is currently majoring in the department of performing arts within the Beijing Central Academy of Drama.
  • He is roommates with TFBoys member Jackson Yee (Yiyang Qianxi)
  • Idol: Lay Zhang
  • Skills:Taekwondo, Practiced Classical dance for 11 years, Ballet, Folk dancing, Dissembling class 95 rifles
  • He likes to learn about the culture of minority ethnic races in China
  • In particular he loves to pick-up on classic folk songs from minority ethinic groups
  • Aspirations: He hopes to be able to stand on stage to show the world who he is
  • His second aspiration is to become an educator in the field of the arts
  • On Youth With You 3, he has a famous friendly rivalry with fellow contestant Tony Yu Jingtian.

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