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Zhou Ye Profile
Zhou Ye (周也)

Zhou Ye (周也) is a Chinese actress born on May 20, 1998 in Chongqing, China. She is best known for her role as Gu Xiang in “Word of Honor” and “Wei Lai” in Better Days.

In 2017, she made her film debut in “Unbelievable”. In January 2019, she participated in the Republic of China comedy film”The Bizarre Tycoon.” In the same year, she acted in the youth period drama “Our Southwest Associated University.” In the same year, she acted in the critically acclaimed film,”Better Days” which was screened nationwide. After which, she took on lead roles in “Flaming Cloud”, and also the Wartime movie “Railway Heroes”. Her best known work to date is as Gu Xiang in the BL drama, “Word of Honor.”


Zhou Ye
Zhou Ye

Name: Zhou Ye
Chinese Name: 周也
Nicknames: Ye Zi
Birthday: May 20, 1998
Place of Birth: Chongqing, China
Star Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Occupation: Actress
Agency: Hesong Entertainment
Alma Mater: Beijing Film Academy

Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 周也yeah
Instagram: @im_zhouyeeeee
Douyin: 周也yeah

Fandom Facts

Fandom Name: Ye Zi (椰子)
Meaning of Fandom Name: Coconut

Sometimes, Zhou Ye is also referred to by fans as Ye Zi with Ye (也) being her name and Zi (子) being a term of affection. Also, the term happened to be a pun for Coconut in Chinese (椰子)


  • Family: She is the only child in her family
  • Skills: She has learnt ballet and knows how to play the piano
  • Favorite Singer: Jay Chou
  • Her self-identified weaknesses: Singing and dancing
  • Favorite Movie(s): The Harry Potter Franchise
  • Favorite Chongqing delicacy: Ice powdered shrimp
  • College major: Acting
  • Acting roles she would like to try: Hopes to take on a ‘female assassin’ and ‘cool’ type of acting role in future
  • She would make an exception to be part of a female girl group under Jay Chou’s label (if ever)
  • She hopes to be able to do her best in every drama
  • Zhou Ye attended Hualuogeng Middle School in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. 
  • In her freshman year, she entered the High school’s International Department.
  • As a sophomore in high school she chose the liberal arts course.
  • In her junior year, she decided to transfer to the media class.
  • In her third year, she also decided to take the performing arts college entrance exam.
  • She entered Beijing Film Academy with a score that ranked number 36 in the country.
  • She is part of the Beijing Film Academy Class of 2020.
  • Her graduation ceremony only officially happened in 2021 due to the COVID-19 crowd-control measures the previous year.
  • She became the first person in Huizhou to be admitted into the Beijing Film Academy acting department.
  • She is part of the cast of the critically-acclaimed film Better Days, alongside Jackson Yee and Zhou Dongyu.
  • In the film, she rose to prominence playing the role of a bully.
  • She doesn’t think she will ever become a singer or dancer.
  • She is willing to befriend anyone as long as they buy her a meal.

Word Of Honor Trivia and Facts: Zhou Ye as Gu Xiang

  • Her hit drama is widely regarded to be in “Word of Honor” where she played the role of Gu Xiang.
  • Word of Honor was her first experience acting in a costume drama.
  • She took time to get used to the long hours it took to get the make-up and outfits done.
  • Her favorite scene in Word of Honor was the wedding scene.
  • She would pick Gong Jun’s singing over her own singing as a phone alarm because he sounds scarier as a ringtone.
  • Together with Gong Jun, they both like to laugh at Zhang Zhehan’s weird sense of humor.
  • She and Gong Jun thinks that Zhang Zhehan jokes on a different frequency as them
  • She said the Word of Honor love to laugh and crack jokes together.
  • Cheng Li is the actor she would be a fan of in terms of looks among the Word of Honor cast members.
  • She picked Zhang Zhehan as one most suited to be a financial manager in “Word of Honor”.
  • She doesn’t think Gong Jun has the face of someone who can manage finances
  • Gong Jun is always “competing” with and teasing her often on set, comparing the size of their umbrellas etc.
  • She doesn’t actually want to compete with Gong Jun
  • She met actress Meng Ziyi in a variety and confessed she has watched “The Untamed.”

Public Perception

(Beijing News, First-line Commentary)

  • In the movie “Better Days”, Zhou Ye’s big eyes and sweet dimples are flashing, like a good girl next door, but she interprets the role of a “bully girl” with a smile on her face, which makes people shudder. She left a very a deep impression on the audience. 

(“Huaxi Metropolis” Newspaper Review) 

  • For example, when the police investigated Wei Lai (Zhou Ye’s character in “Better Days”), about the campus violence incident, Wei Lai’s eyes were filled with innocence, so innocent that he almost deceived the audience. But when she and her classmates came to the door to besiege Chen Nian, the brutal animality in her personality was also seen through her eyes; it can be said that Zhou Ye is capable of amazing expressiveness, interpreting the roles of angels and devils in a vivid manner.

(Comment by the director Zeng Guoxiang)

  • In reality, Zhou Ye is  well-behaved and harmless in appearance, with both a quiet side and an eccentric side.

TV Dramas

  • The Cradle ( 啊摇篮) as Tang Susu | 2021
  • Word of Honor (山河令) as Gu Xiang | 2021
  • The National SouthWest Associated University And Us (我们的西南联大) as Lin Huajun | TBA


  • Kill Me (离奇大亨) | TBA
  • Railway Heroes (铁道英雄) | 2021
  • Better Days (少年的你) as Wei Lai | 2019

Awards and Nominations

  • Nominated for The Most Promising Actress award at the China Movie Channel (CCTV-6) M List


  • Starry Sea (星辰大海) | 2019

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