Gong Jun The “Word Of Honor” Lead Celebrates 10 Million Followers On Weibo With A Photo Of His Abs

On the 11th of March, Gong Jun, the actor known for his role in “Word Of Honor” posted a photo of his abdominal muscles on Weibo, with the accompanying text

“Surprises (Trying) are (very) worth (hard), celebrating (to) about(squeeze).”

Word Of Honor Actor Gong Jun Shows off His New Abs
Word Of Honor Actor Gong Jun Shows off His New Abs

In the photo, Gong Jun wears a hooded sweater and lifts up his clothes to show off his well-toned abdominal muscles.

Gong Jun Shows off His Abs
Gong Jun Shows off His Well Toned Abs

The “Word of Honor” actor has been recently enjoying a new wave of fame following the airing of the BL Drama adaptation of the novel “Faraway Wanderers.” The drama has received generally good ratings.

Earlier, he also posted a beach photo on Weibo to celebrate the 10 million fans on Weibo.

His Management Studio’s Weibo account responded teasingly to his photos, commenting: “That’s it?”

Though of course, his fans were delirious beyond words at the ‘gift’ they received.

“OMG OMG!!! Can I look at this for free?” 



“Congratulations to my husband for reaching 10 million fans ???? It is human nature for people to want to be close to gentle and beautiful things. It is my nature to want to be close to you. Meeting you is because Wen Kexing has walked into my heart in a red robes. I like you even more because you are Gong Jun is a sunny, gentle, lovely, kind, and sometimes naive big boy with his own happy elements. The process of liking you is like chasing happiness. Hope you keep walking on a road full of flowers. Hope you get rich soon! Continue getting famous” ????”

Others have also been very creative to react with memes:

One netizen commented with a cat meme that said, “Do you know I have a wife? Why are you doing this to me???!” [+32399]

Do you know i have a wife?
Do you know i have a wife?

Another was much less low-key about loving Gong Jun’s generous display on Weibo. Directly throwing themselves at his well toned chest with just a photo. [+167896]

Have you watched “Word of Honor” yet? How are you enjoying the new drama? Share your thoughts with us below!

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