Li Landi Profile and Facts

Li Landi (李兰迪), also known as Landy Li is a Chinese actress born on 2nd September, 1999 in Beijing, China.  She is a child star, as she took on her first film role at the age of 10.

Li Landi played in her first role in the film “Loving You Loses To No One” (爱你输给了谁) and made her debut as an actress then. Starting from 2017, her acting career began to take off as she took on lead roles in the shows “Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 2” (无心法师Ⅱ) and “My Huckleberry Friends (你好,旧时光)”.

Li Landi
Li Landi

Name: Li Landi
English Name: Landy Li
Chinese name: 李兰迪
Nickname: Li Dahe
Birthday: 2nd September 1999
Place of Birth: Beijing, China
Star Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Blood Type:
Hui Chinese
The Central Academy of Drama
Fandom Name: Teddy Bear
Agency: Tangren Media


Li Landi Social Media Profiles
Weibo: @兰迪
Instagram: @landy_leeeeee
RED: @李兰迪
Oasis: @李兰迪


Li Landi Profile and Facts
Li Landi Profile and Facts


Li Landi Facts and Trivia
– Her management company is Tangren Media.
– She is currently still a student at The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing
– She is college classmates with the Jackson Yee (Yiyang Qianxi) from TFBOYS
– She tries to maintain her diet as she claims that she gets fat easily
– Her dream career is to be a designer as she has a good appreciation of aesthetics
– Hobbies: Art and sketching, writing journal and diary entries
– Favorite Food: Potato Chips
– Role model: Eddie Peng
– Favorite Actor: Jiang Wen.
– She previously express a desire to act with the veteran Eddie Peng in an interview
– Ideal Type Boyfriend: Any man with a cheerful, bright and warm personality


Li Landi Awards and Recognitions
Newcomer Award  | iQiyi Scream Night |  2020
Outstanding Youth Newcomer Award | TV Dramas Awards Made in China | 2020
China 30 Under 30 Asia | Forbes | in 2019

Li Landi’s Film Roles
Adoring(宠爱) as Gao Mengmeng | 2019
The Secret of Immortal Code(伊阿索密码) as Lin Yuqi | 2018
Teenager King of Chess(少年棋王) as Lan Yuer | 2014
Switch(富春山居图) as the younger Guihua | 2013
Silent Witness(全民目击) as the younger Lin Mengmeng | 2013
Young Min Ziqian(少年闵子骞) as Lianer | 2012
Ai Ni Shu Gei Le Shui(爱你输给了谁) as Lele | 2011


Li Landi TV Dramas
Chess Love(舍我其谁) as Cheng Liao | TBA
Dont Think of Interrupting My Studies(别想打扰我学习) as Nan Xiangwan | 2021
Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty(梦回) as Ming Wei | 2019
Never Gone(原来你还在这里) as the younger Su Yunjin | 2018
All About Secrets(秘果) as Yu Chizi | 2017
Song Yao My Father(宋耀如·父亲) as Soong Ching-ling | 2017
Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 2(无心法师II) as Su Tao | 2017
My Huckleberry Friends(你好,旧时光) as Yu Zhouzhou | 2017
The Eight Fairies(蓬莱八仙)as Xiao Cao | 2016
The Link(天伦) as the younger Pei Baozhu | 2016
Far Away Love(远得要命的爱情) as Yaoyao | 2016
Chinese Style Relationship(中国式关系) as Ma Xiaoyi | 2016
Tea Love(闪亮茗天) as Tang Jiajia | 2015
Ladys House(淑女之家) as the younger Zeng Lingge | 2014
Hanyang Zao(汉阳造) as the younger Jiang Xue young | 2014
Ma Ma Quan De Liu Yan Fei Yu (妈妈圈的流言蜚语) as Pan Xiaoxiao | 2013
Surname Brothers (外姓兄弟) as the younger Sheng Nan | 2012
Come Home(亲爱的,回家) as An Qi | 2012
Sword Heroes Fate(剑侠情缘之藏剑山庄) as the younger Qi Yue | 2011


Variety Show Appearances
The Inn(亲爱的·客栈) | 2019


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