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Mika Hashizume (桥爪ミカ、Mika) is born in Hawaii, USA on December 21, 1998. He is a Japanese-American male singer, and the main vocalist of the group INTERSECTION. He is also currently a member of the boy group INTO1. In 2017, he released the single “Starting Over” with INTERSECTION. In 2021, he participated in “CHUANG 2021” and emerged as 4th place, successfully debuting in the boy group, INTO1.

Mika Hashizume

Mika INTO1

Name: Mika Hashizume
Chinese name: 米卡 
Japanese Name: 桥爪ミカ

Place of birth: Hawaii, United States
Citizenship: United States
Date of birth: December 21, 1998
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 176 cm
Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Idol
Agency: Avex Group Holdings Inc

Mika’s Social Media Accounts

Instagram: @int.mika
Weibo: @INTO1-米卡  

Mika Hashizume (INTERSECTION) Profile
Mika Hashizume was part of the band “INTERSECTION” With Caelan and Kazuma Mitchell


– Mika was born in Hawaii, USA, and grew up in the natural environment of Hawaii.
– He began to learn the violin and ukulele since he was a child. His dream is to become a professional football player.
– International school in Tokyo the period, Mika and Castle William , Kazuma , Caelan meet, and formed the boy group, “INTERSECTION”
– In addition to music, Mika’s hobby is taking pictures.
– Since he lived in Hawaii, surfing has become a part of his daily life, and his main means of transportation is skateboarding


– Mika has a gentle personality and is good at taking care of others.
– Not only is he young and handsome, but he also has good singing and dancing skills.
– His highly infectious performance has infected the audience at the scene. In the initial stage rating of the variety show “CHUANG 2021”, Mika sang the song “So Sick”.
– His unique voice reminded people of Hawaii’s sunshine and beaches, and also made people feel the affection and vulnerability of teenagers.
– Mika’s singing has a “brisk sense of rhythm”, which can make the audience fall apart as soon as she speaks, and it sounds so good that it doesn’t sound like live.
– Not only that, but Mika showed his musical talent to the fullest when he sang the battle of “Love That Never Lost”.
– As a foreign student, Mika’s pronunciation of words while singing is remarkable, each word delicately conveys the love contained in the song, which is clean and affectionate.
– In terms of the types of song he sings, Mika not only sings well in English, but is also good in Chinese Songs.
– His singing and dancing skills are already at a very mature level.
– In addition to his outstanding business ability, his appearance is also top-notch.
– Mika’s inch is full of male charm and there is no player who collided with him in the “Creation Camp 2021” program

Career Facts

– In 2017, he released the single “Starting Over” with INTERSECTION, which was selected as Spotify “Early Noise 2018” Spotify’s expectant singer.
– In September 2018, INTERSECTION brought the opening performance at the 27th Tokyo ガールズコレクション 2018 AUTUMN/WINTER event.
– October 5, INTERSECTION released the combined first single “Heart of Gold”
– He released the second single “Falling” with INTERSECTION
– On November 18th, Mika joined INTERSECTION to participate in the 6th issue of the live chart program ”
By Your Musical Model “, sang the song ” “Heart of Gold”, this is their first show in China
– On December 21, they released their solo single “Tell Me”
– On April 11, 2019, he released his solo single “Road Trips”
– On July 19, he released the single “One Step Closer” with INTERSECTION
– On August 21, he released his first combined music with INTERSECTION The album ” INTERSECTION
– In the same year, with INTERSECTION, the 6-week REMIX project was launched, and 6 remixed songs including “Body Language” and “Falling” were successively released
– On Christmas, the song “You’re” was released with INTERSECTION The English version of “The Reason”
– On January 8, 2020, the ending song “New Page” sung by INTERSECTION for the TV animation ” Black Clover”  “INTERSECTION Online Fan Meeting World Tour 2020” [14] was held
– In February 2021, Mika officially, participate in the Tencent’s All Boys Survival Variety ShowChuang 2021 “

Solo Music

Road Trips (Single) | 2019
Tell Me (Single) | 2018

Variety Shows

Chuang | 2021

Latest Stage

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