CHUANG 2021 Trainee Mika Gets A “Like” From Ne-Yo for His Cover of “So Sick” On Instagram

Recently, fans of “Chuang 2021” trainee Mika shared a video of his performance of “So Sick” for the Chuang 2021 initial stage on Instagram.

Mika NeYo
Ne-Yo leaves a “like” on Mika’s cover of his song, “So Sick”

Netizens later realized that the video of his “So Sick” cover was liked by the original singer NeYo. NeYo is known as the “R&B legend” and has won multiple Grammy awards. For him to have noticed a fan account that posted Mika’s song cover was beyond astonishing! This goes to say that Mika has even received the approval of the singer himself!

Mika hashizume intersection

If you haven’t watched Mika’s version of “So Sick”, check it out below.

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