Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi Are Leads For The Wuxia Drama, “Qie Shi Tian Xia”

On April 8th, the TV drama adaptation of the novel, “Qie Shi Tian Xia” (且试天下) announced Yang Yang (杨洋) and Zhao Lusi (赵露思) as the leading cast members. The new TV posters of the pair brought in heated waves of discussions on Weibo, particularly due to the popularity of the actor and actress!

Qie Shi Lan Xia
Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi In Drama Posters for “Qie Shi Lan Xia”

“Qie Shi Tian Xie” is a novel written by Qing Lingyue. The novel tells the story of Feng Lanxi (portrayed by Yang Yang) and Bai Fengxi (portrayed by Zhao Lusi) joining hands to travel the world together.

Before meeting his lover, Feng Lanxi single-handedly established the Mo Yuqi Sect himself. He is loved by his citizens and viewed as a benevolent ruler. He later meets and marries Bai Fengxi who would later witness the great improvements in his cultivation skills. After ten years of being married with Bai Fengxi, Feng Lanxi eventually still senses that there is a gap between the two.

Following the Battle of Dongdan, which left Fengxi injured, he realized genuine love for her and used all his cultivation energy to perform a skilled martial art move, the “Xue Lao Tianshan” to save her. However, the sacrifice he made to perform such a skill was that his appearance would look thirty years older. After a long period of medical treatment, he is returned to the original state. He gave up the last hegemony and half of his hands, and returned to hiding with her.

The drama adaptation was announced in February, and just a few days ago, the official announcement with the drama photos of the two leading actors was officially released. The full cast has yet to be revealed, but just looking at the fixed makeup photos of the two leading actors have gotten netizens on Weibo very excited.


Yang Yang Plays the role of Feng Lanxi

yang yang qie shi tian xia
Yang Yang as Feng Lanxi

In the official announcement poster, Feng Lanxi is played by Yang Yang. He is dressed in a blue suit with parted bangs and a high ponytail, standing on the side with his hands perfectly lined. 

In the novel, his character is skilled, intelligent and scheming. Yet, he did not expect to meet Bai Fengxi and to lose his heart to her so easily. Though he may seem cold, he in fact has a very tender and loving soul. It seemed like he has calculated his life out perfectly and everyone has entered into his life as planned. He is deeply loved by the citizens in the name of King Ren.

Fans are excited to see Yang Yang in a costume drama once again, as it has been a while since he last tried out the Wuxia genre.

For some who may not be familiar with the actor, Yang Yang originally graduated from the Department of Military Art Dance. He was widely acclaimed for playing the role of Xiao Nai in “Love O2O.” His perfect mastery of Xiao Nai’s handsome, cool and aloof temperament in the drama made him popular.

Critics say that Yang Yang’s roles are “too narrow,” in that he only portrays the stoic and cool type of male characters, it seems like such roles bring out the best in him. In fact, Yang Yang has shown that he is capable of being the domineering and tough guy in other dramas, such as “Vanguard”, “China Special Forces”, have all have received generally positive feedback.

This time, the role he plays in “Qie Shi Tian Xia” is that of an astute schemer who is also benevolent. Fans are excited to see him in action once again, especially for a costume drama.

Zhao Lusi Plays the role of Heroine Bai Fengxi

Zhao Lusi Qie Shi Tian xia
Zhao Lusi as Bai Fengxi

Bai Fengxi, played by Zhao Lusi, is also dressed in blue. In the official drama posters, she wears a high ponytail of the same style as Yang Yang. The hem of her outfit is more elegant than Yang Yang and though she has no bangs, her hair is parted on each side.

In the novel, Bai Fengxi is described as someone who is chic and straightforward. She possesses powerful martial arts skills and has a carefree personality. In the martial arts, the white wind with the black wind, the Princess Xiyun of the Kingdom of Feng. She later ascended the throne of the Feng Kingdom. As Bai Fengxi, she was free-spirited and easy, casual, greedy and fun. But when she ascended to the throne of Yun Xi, she became steady, wise, unrivalled and helped the Feng Kingdom become a formidable name among the neighbouring states.

Zhao Lusi is a name that many would familiar with it. In “The Romance of Tiger and Rose”, she played the clever, intelligent and kind princess which became very well-received by viewers. In fact, this drama also caused her co-star, Ding Yuxi, to gain a large amount of fans. The two people’s wits fighting in the play and the hilarious antics of the pair made the audience laugh.

The drama got so popular to the point that it is said that “The Romance of Tiger and Rose 2” will start filming its second edition. Similarly, Zhao Lusi has also seen critical reception from her role in “The Long Ballad”, where her love-pairing with Liu Yuning was also hotly discussed by many netizens.

Though she is young, Zhao Lusi’s potential is not to be underestimated, as many netizens dub her as the next “Zhao Liying” in the world of Chinese drama!

Netizens React to The Official Announcement of “Qie Shi Tian Xia”

After the official announcement of “Let’s Try the World”, netizens expected the value to reach the highest point, especially very satisfied with the costume and make-up styling for Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi.

“Can Yang Yang’s costume be semi-permanent?”

“Zhao Lusi, why are you such a good match with every [male actor]?”

“Let me wait for “Qie Shi Tian Xia” first, and everyone loves to wait.”

Of course, everyone’s eyes are still focused on the two protagonists. Up to now, Zhao Lusi’s role in Bai Fengxi has been discussed about 64,000 times on the supertopic with over 100 million views! Considering that the young actress only rose to fame within the recent two years, it is an impressive number.

No doubt, “Qie Shi Tian Xia” will be a highly popular drama in the making.

Are you excited about this upcoming drama? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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