CHUANG 2021 Third Elimination Rankings Is Released

Recently, CHUANG 2021 Released the Full List of Trainee Rankings for their Third Elimination Round.

The top eleven members so far are: Liu Yu, Zanduo, Mika, Riki, Yin Haoyu, Qing Lian, Gao Qingchen, Zhou Keyu, Lin Mo, Li Luxiu, Zhang Jiayuan.

chuang 2021 third elimination rankings
CHUANG 2021 third elimination rankings
  1. Liu Yu
  2. Santa
  3. Mika
  4. Rikimaru
  5. Patrick
  6. Caelan
  7. Nine
  8. Zhou Keyu
  9. Lin Mo
  10. Lelush
  11. Zhang Jiayuan
  12. Bo Yuan
  13. AK (Liu Zhang)
  14. Hiroto
  15. Gan Wangxing
  16. Zhang Xingte
  17. Oscar
  18. Xue Bayi
  19. Wu Yuheng
  20. Zhang Xinyao
  21. Fu Shichao
  22. Ren Yinpeng
  23. Yu Gengyan
  24. Amu
  25. Hu Yetao
  26. Jing Long
  27. Zeng Hanjiang
  28. Xie Xingyang
  29. Wu Hai
  30. He Yifan
  31. Wei Ziyue
  32. Zhang Teng
  33. Rong Yao

*Italics denote their elimination from CHUANG 2021

CHUANG 2021 Third Elimination (Rank 12-22)
CHUANG 2021 Third Elimination (Rank 12-22)


Chuang 2021 Third Elimination Rankings
Chuang 2021 Third Elimination Rankings (23-33)

Liu Yu returned to the Center position, and Lelush even ranked tenth this time. It is a wonder if these rankings will be changed in the final group night?

After the third elimination round rankings was released, the popular Jing Long, Zeng Hanjiang, Xie Xingyang and others from ranked 26 onwards will not be able to enter the finals. These individuals will have to bid farewell to the stage of CHUANG 2021.

This year, the player who made the most headlines in CHUANG 2021 is none other than the Russian star Lelush. With the broadcast of the show, Lelush has become a hot topic, Zhang Yuqi cheered for him, and even the professors of Fudan University cheered for him!

Among the players who worked hard to show their strength, Lelouch attracted everyone’s attention with his “I want to go home” attitude.

Unfortunately for him, netizens didn’t want Lelush to go home from get off work so easily,  so various votes were casted to bring Lelush to the CHUANG 2021 finals.

Lelush has helped to generate a fresh wave of popularity for the show and has been very entertaining for the netizens. However, many people are also worried. If this continues, Lelush may actually debut .

In fact, fans also know that becoming a part of a boy band is not Lelush’s dream. The fans vowed not to mess with Lelush in the finals. Do you think this will happen?

As we gradually enter into the last leg of the competition, which trainees do you think will be able to make their debut? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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