Caelan Moriarty Writes A Sweet Message to INTO1’s Mika Following The End of “CHUANG 2021”

The biggest heartbreak on the CHUANG 2021 finale night was arguably the fact that Mika Hashizume did not manage to debut with his fellow INTERSECTION band mate, Caelan Moriarty.

Mika Hashizume Caelan Moriarty
Mika Hashizume Caelan Moriarty

When the duo arrived to take part in CHUANG 2021, along with INTERSECTION member Kazuma, they agreed that they would do their very best to be part of a boy group together again. However, this was not to be as Caelan missed out on debuting just shy of one position.

In his fourth place speech on stage, Mika also cried as he said, “I’m abit worried and sad because my brother Caelan’s not on that stage yet. There’s still a chance that he can go and I hope that he makes it up with me.”

After the final line-up was announced, Mika was later seen hugging Caelan still sobbing.

Though the two did not debut together as planned, it is not all bad news. Determined not to give up on his career in China, Caelan has announced his intentions to remain in China.

Caelan Writes A Heartfelt Message To Mika On Instagram

Aside from setting his heart on debuting in China, Caelan also took time to express appreciation for his friendship with Mika on Instagram.

Mika Hashizume Caelan Moriarty
Mika Hashizume Caelan Moriarty

In a heartfelt message, coupled with a photoshoot from their days as CHUANG 2021 Trainees, Caelan wrote:


I don’t know where to begin, I have a lot of things I’d like to say but I want to try to keep this as short as possible because I know you don’t like reading long paragraphs lol. But, you did it man, I’m so proud of you. Your hard work truly paid off this time, and knowing the things you’ve been through I’m truly happy you finally got what you deserved. But I also want to say that actually, WE did it man. We both left the show stronger, not in just ourselves but in our bond as brothers. Chuang truly showed me how important you are in my life, the past 7 years have truly been a blessing because of you, Kaz and William.

You all taught me a lot and have taken good care of me. I’ll never forget all the small moments when you’d let me stay over at your place, when you’d give me your clothes, fashion and music advice, or when you’d go with me to the small pop-up shops, or having weird interactions with some people on the train, or when we’d walk around and find cool spots in Tokyo and etc. I hope you never forget the goofy, dumb moments we had everywhere we went, and I know you always say that I’m the reason why you still act young, but now that I won’t be with you so much I just hope that young spirit of yours stays the same. Actually, you helped me stay young and happy too and you showed me that even though life can be tough, at least we got each other and at least we’re going through it together.

I don’t know what the next two years is going to look like, but I know you’ll be doing great things and ik I’ll always be your number 1 fan (yes more than Hanjiang lol). I guess as I said before, today is history and tomorrow’s a mystery. And man I am so glad that we got to perform “Be Mine” together because like I told you before the stage that it could be our last one for awhile haha. Anyways keep your head up high, rest and eat well. If we can we MUST hangout since we’ll both be in China for a long time 🙂 Also text me back more cuz you already suck and haven’t replied to me yet ???? Thank you for everything, luv ya brotha.”

Mika Caelan
Mika and Caelan as teenagers together

Within an hour, Mika replied the post:

Don’t worry because this isn’t the end bro. I cant wait to see you flourish with your new career ahead of you. Keep working hard and keep your strong spirit. You’ll always have me here so just hit me up if there’s anything. FAMILY!”

He also added in response to the rest of the videos of them together in Caelan’s post: also the video of me flying towards your camera cracked me up lol”.

Have you watched the funny videos of the duo Caelan shared on his instagram page? Check it out below.

We hope that the two can continue their lovely friendship always!

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