Wu Yuheng Shows Up At The “Word Of Honor” Concert To Support Zhang Zhehan

It’s no secret that the CHUANG 2021 Trainee Wu Yuheng is a huge fan of his label mate, Zhang Zhehan.

The “Word of Honor” concert was held in Suzhou today, and the former CHUANG 2021 trainee wasted no time in showing up for the concert to express his support.

Wu Yuheng Attends the “Word Of Honor” Concert

Not only did Wu Yuheng wait patiently in the queue for the concert, he did all this while surrounded by many fans. As a finalist for the CHUANG 2021 survival show this season, it looks like he would not be taking any time off being famous soon.

The adorable idol even went so far as to record the entirety of Zhang Zhehan’s stage during his concert. He also proudly made a Weibo post.

The full-time fanboy even gave a big heart to Zhang Zhehan when the camera zoomed in on him at the audience stand.

Wu Yuheng Word of Honor"<yoastmark
Wu Yuheng in full on fanboy mode for Zhang Zhehan

Zhang Zhehan and Wu Yuheng’s Friendship

While the survival show was still ongoing, Zhang Zhehan has never been shy of expressing his support for his junior. He even called upon his fans to vote for Wu Yuheng during an interview.

Nearing the night of the CHUANG 2021 finale, Zhang Zhehan also reposted some pictures of Wu Yuheng, wishing him all the best for the survival show!

zhang zhehan wu yuheng
Zhang Zhehan wishes Wu Yuheng all the best on Weibo for the CHUANG 2021 finale


Similarly, for most of the Word of Honor concert night, Wu Yuheng’s Weibo feed became a promotional page for Zhang Zhehan’s perfect vocals.

In one of the multiple posts shared by the trainee, he wrote “@ Zhang Zhehan, [I’ve] got a perfect focus cam. Brother is a great vocal! Finger hearts for you!”

Wu Yuheng Word of Honor
Wu Yuheng Showers Zhang Zhehan’s live vocals with praises

He also openly declared that he was going to the Word Of Honor concert, just to support his gege Zhang Zhehan!


Word of honor
The CHUANG trainee openly declared that he was coming to support Zhang Zhehan at the concert

Many fans are elated to see the two celebrities share such mutual adoration and respect for each other, especially as label mates!

Zhang Zhehan Wu Yuheng Zhao Wei
Zhang Zhehan Wu Yuheng and Zhao Wei

Some fans also pointed out that their entertainment agency’s CEO, Vicki Zhao Wei had two very talented trainees under her belt. Following the success of “Word of Honor” and Zhang Zhehan’s continued to ascent to mainstream popularity, and Wu Yuheng’s outstanding performance in CHUANG 2021, Zhao Wei can be assured of having at least two top celebrities in her company!

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