“Word Of Honor” Producer Ma Tao Confirms That There Will Be No Sequel

On the 25th March, “Word Of Honor” (山河令) producer Ma Tao was interviewed by the media regarding her recent well-received drama. Questions were raised regarding the possibility of a sequel for the show, given that it received marvellous reception from the viewers.

On Douban, the show’s rating currently sits at a score of 8.6/10.

Word of Honor
Word of Honor

During the interview, Ma Tao made it clear that “Word Of Honor” would not be a making a sequel. She answered during the interview, “36 episodes is just right. There is no need to shoot a sequel, and there is no more content to film.”

She also justified her decision saying, “Moreover, looking back, the second, third [sequels] are never as good as the first.”

Fans may be disappointed to hear the news and some are even in disbelief that such a well-loved film would not be continuing onto the second season.

These days, it is quite conventional for dramas to have a sequel. Even where some dramas do not create a sequel season under the same name, they usually borrow plotlines from the first season. An example is the show, “Go Go Squid”, which launched its season 2 series titled “Go Go Squid 2: DtAppledog’s Time (2021).”

For fans who are deeply in love with the “Word Of Honor” series, this may come as a big blow. However, even when a drama is well-loved, it isn’t just the quality of the work itself that causes its ascent to popularity. The timing of the drama’s release is also important. Perhaps keeping the show to just one season may be best after all.

This way, the audience will be able to live on with the best memory of the drama, “Word Of Honor”, engraved in their hearts. Fans can instead look forward to more works from the two male leads, Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun, who have enjoyed some fame after this series!

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