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Xia Zhiguang Profile

Xia Zhi Guang

Xia Zhiguang (夏之光) is a Chinese singer and actor born on January 4, 2000, in Hefei, China. He is a presently a member of the C-pop group R1SE.

In 2015, he participated in the talent show “X-FIRE”. In 2016, he successfully made his debut with the boy group “XNINE“. In 2019, he participated in the survival show, “Produce Camp 2019.” After emerging as the overall 4th place, he made his debut with the boy group R1SE . In 2021, he took on the role of a lead actor in the modern day youth campus drama “Please Classmate.” (拜托了班长)


Xia Zhiguang

Name: Xia Zhiguang
Chinese Name: 夏之光
Birthday: January 4, 2000
Star Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 183 cm
Place of Birth: Hefei, Anhui Province in China
Favorite Color: Lime Green
Label: Wajijiwa Entertainment
Education: Shanghai Theatre Academy
Associated Acts: R1SE, X-NINE


Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: R1SE-夏之光
Instagram: x_lightxzg
Oasis: R1SE夏之光
Douyin: 夏之光


Fandom Facts

Fandom name: Aurora Borealis (极光)
Fandom color: Lime Green  💚
Fanchant: 華夏之光,舞動四方;夏之極光,一路有你


  • He debuted at rank #4 in “Produce Camp 2019″
  • He attended the Shanghai Theatre Academy after being ranked 3rd place in the acting major
  • Family: He has a mom and dad
  • Favourite drink: Boba
  • At a young age, he was identified by his dance instructor with a high potential to dance well.
  • He entered a dance academy in Shanghai after three years of practicing dance under his teacher’s recommendation.
  • In the middle school dance academy, he majored in traditional Chinese dance.
  • His name was given by his paternal grandpa as a thunderstorm struck on the day that he was born.
  • His name means “the rays of summer”
  • He had 3 tattoos, “Love”, “Real” and “Sun”
  • He dislikes eating mushrooms
  • He admitted he has a secondary account on Weibo (account not under his real name)
  • They are found on his left and right arms, as well as on his leg respectively.
  • Favourite cartoon: Ultraman
  • Favourite Cartoon character: Taro from Ultraman (as a child)
  • Musical instruments played: Piano and guitar
  • Pets: He owns three cats: named Tuomei, Youtiao, and Jiuijiu. He also has one parrot.
  • He is the youngest member of X-NINE
  • When asked which X-NINE member he wanted to look like, he said none.
  • Ideal type: Must be female, gentle, supportive and can give him a warm feeling when he comes home.
  • In 2020, he was spotted hanging out with a rumoured girlfriend at his driving school.


Monster Hunt 2 (捉妖记2) | 2018


Music Singles

Why not Step On The Clouds To Teleport In tFront of You (不如踩着白云闪现到你面前) | 2021
I want to go to the Olympics (我要上奥运) | 2018
Dazzling Youth (炫斗青春_ | 2017


Television Series

Please Classmate (拜托了班长) as Li He | (2021)
Nine Kilometers of Love(九千米爱情) as Zhou Yuhang | 2019)
Oh! My Emperor(哦!我的皇帝陛下) as Yao Guang | 2018
My Rule(我的法则) | as Guang Guang | 2018


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