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CHUANG 2021 Debuts Their New Boy Group, “INTO1”

After the final rankings for CHUANG 2021 was revealed, the show finally debuted the international boy band “INTO1” made out of 11 members!


The newly debuted members consist of Liu Yu, Santa, Rikimaru, Mika, Nine, Lin Mo Bo Yuan, Zhang Jiayuan, Patrick, Zhou Keyu and AK Liu Zhang.

INTO1’s logo

Since Liu Yu made his debut in the first place, he is also officially the center of the group!

Let us take a look at the number of votes gathered by each trainee.

11. AK Liu Zhang

AK Liu Zhang

Securing 13274812 votes, the rapper AK Liu Zhang managed to clinch the final spot in the boy group. He has beaten out the likes of Gan Wangxing, Oscar Wang, Caelan and Wu Yuheng who were also previously hotly discussed to be trainees who would make their debut.

10. Zhou Keyu

Zhou Keyu

When Zhou Keyu’s ranking was announced, netizens were obviously shocked as it had dropped visibly from the previous episode, where he was ranked 8. At one point in time, he was even ranked first place. Although the fall in rankings was surprising, many felt relieved that he at least made it into top eleven with 13279523 votes.

9. Patrick

Patrick (Yin Hao Yu)

There is little change to Patrick’s ranking from the final elimination round, as he maintained his 9th place position, securing 13359428 votes in total.

8. Zhang Jiayuan

Zhang Jiayuan

The Wajijiwa trainee performed above and beyond expectations, as he rose from the precarious 11th place from the third elimination rounds to emerge at 8th place, his second-highest ranking in the show ever with 13612487 votes!

7. Bo Yuan

Bo Yuan

Bo Yuan takes 7th place with 13651294 votes, showing that he has maintained his rankings somewhat from the previous rounds.

6. Lin Mo

Lin Mo

Lin Mo came in 6th place with 13898339 votes, performing very well as this is also his second-highest ranking in the run of CHUANG 2021.

5. Nine

Nine (Gao QingChen) came in 5th place, with 13898339 votes. He becomes the second Thai trainee to make a debut with this international boy group. Having been rejected for countless interviews be it to shoot for commercials or drama series, his first win on a big stage moves him to tears.

4. Mika Hashizume

From the 5th to the 4th place, there is a huge jump of 3 million in vote count. This time, although Mika’s ranking has dropped slightly from the previous round, he has still performed outstandingly, securing 16255569 votes! Throughout the ranking announcements, Mika is also seen to have been crying continuously.

Tonight certainly proves to be one that he will never forget.

3. Rikimaru


It is never to late to reinvent yourself and Rikimaru proves this statement true. As the oldest member, at age 28, Rikimaru emerges as the third-placed trainees, gathering 16591943 votes from his fans. Though his postion has dropped slightly, losing out to his compatriot Santa, he maintained his consistent position for the show. That said, he also could not control his tears on the debut night.

2. Santa


Santa holds the record for the most consistent second-placed trainee. His second placed streak has been maintained for five rounds of voting consecutively, including tonight’s final rankings. With 16611343 votes, he debuts as the best performing Japanese trainee for the show!

1. Liu Yu

Liu Yu

Liu Yu debuts as tonight’s overall show champion and center, securing a whopping 25 million over votes. The vote gap between him and Santa sees a difference of over 10 million, proving his immense popularity. Without a doubt, he is a stable and well-loved first-placed trainee.
Congratulations to the winners!

As of writing, all members have embraced their new identities and also switched their names on Weibo to include “INTO1” in their names!
We wish the newly debuted boy group all the best and we look forward to their new releases!

Were your top 11 trainee predictions correct? Share your thoughts with us below!

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