INTO1 Confirms Official Fandom Name, Color and Fan Chant

In a blink of an eye, it has already been a month since the debut of the C-pop boy band, INTO1! The band has since decided on their official fandom name, color and fan chant. Although the time together has been short, it is most certainly worthy of a celebration.

The INTO1 members did this exactly through their vlog. In the blog, the boys proceeded to unveil the selected names. After two weeks of collecting entries for fandom names, colors and slogans, four fandom colours and five fandom names have been shortlisted after a week of screening.

INTO1 opens their vlog celebrating their anniversary

Before announcing the fan name, support color, and support slogan, the official Weibo first teased fans by releasing a full set of portraits of members. In the antique Chinese architecture in the background, everyone showcased their comfortable state. 

Official Fandom Name: INsider

After a month of struggling with their identities, the fandom can now associate with the new name announced to be INSider.

INTO1 INsider
INTO1 members discuss the name “INsider”

Their fandom name was mainly selected from a pool of five of suggestions – INsider, Zero, Wonder, Quark, and Intosea. The name “INsider” was introduced as “to follow INTO1”. Yet, the name “Zero” was eliminated when most members first heard it, though the explanation for the name seemed acceptable.

The name “Wonder” stood for miracle, and this name appeared unremarkable. However, what stood out to fans at this segment was the fact that Rikimaru’s Chinese has improved significantly. Not only was his pronunciation easily understood, he also seemed to be able to understand every Chinese word. 

“Quark” referred to a small unit, and since all the members did not want to make fans appear small to them, the name was quickly eliminated.

Lastly, the name “Intosea” is the the English translation of the Chinese idiom, “All Rivers Run Into The Sea” (海纳百川), which is used to describe generosity and a person with a big heart . As it turned out, only Lin Mo liked the name.

INsider was the fandom name that ultimately won the most votes.

Since INsider was the name that won the most votes, it was selected as the official fandom name. This name also meant that fans would always be behind INTO1, supporting them.

Official Fandom Color: Violet Blue

In the end, the fandom color was chosen from a list of shades including Earth color, Violet Blue, Wonderland Blue and Cloud Peak White. Ultimately, Violet Blue was elected as the fandom color with 9 votes.

The main meaning of the Earth Color is that it embodies earth itself, made of a sea which embraces many rivers and is host to vast amounts of land full of vitality.

Violet blue is composed of three color combinations: white, ocean blue and tranquil purple. The three colors have their own meanings. White represents cohesion while the ocean represents the world, and tranquil purple represents charm.

Wonderland Blue is derived from the homophony of Wonderland, which means the color of the earth as seen from space.

Clouk Peak White means to embrace all rivers and head straight for the cloud’s peak.

Fandom Slogan

After careful consideration by the INTO1 members, a fan slogan was decided upon at the end of the vlog.

INTO1 slogan
INTO1 slogan
INTO1 logo

The fan slogan goes, “Travel through the world as we watch on and sail fearlessly with INTO1.”

Obviously, the international boy group’s fan slogan was one that aimed to unite fans from all over the world, not only just in China.

Now that INTO1’s fandom name, color and slogan has been set, fans can support the new boy group peacefully. We wish the newly formed boy group all the best!

What are your thoughts and situations on this? Share them with us below!

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