Darren Wang Talu and Rumored Girlfriend Joey Chua Have Been Spotted Kissing In Public

Recently, the paparazzi captured a footage of the actor Darren Wang Talu and rumored girlfriend Joey Chua (Cai Zhuoyi) from “Youth With You 2” kissing late at night. The news became trending on Weibo’s hot search this afternoon, as netizens suspect both of being in a relationship.

Darren Wang Joey Chua
Darren Wang Talu was photographed removing Joey Chua’s maske and kissing her deeply
Darren Wang Talu and Joey Chua spotted behaving intimately after exiting a building together
Wang Talu sat on a bench with a seemingly drunk Joey Chua
Wang Talu and Joey Chua were seen having hanging out together

That night, Wang Dalu and Joey Chua met for dinner. Afterwards, the two went for a drink and a romantic walk by the Bund. Since it was dark at night, the pair appeared to have felt that no one would recognize them. Wang Talu took the bold move of removing Joey Chua’s mask and kissed her multiple times.

Funnily enough, a lady selling flowers approached the pair as they were kissing to try sell the perfect gift for the occasion. Joey Chua instantly paid for the flowers, and Wang Talu fetched the bouquet in his hands. He was clearly seen fetching the smaller bouquet of flowers, showing consideration to the seller. Just at the moment, it started to drizzle in Shanghai and the actor took off his jacket to shield Joey Chua from the rain.

A video footage of the two on their alleged “date”
Wang Talu appeared to kiss a slightly drunk Joey Chua

Wang Talu later carried Joey Chua back to the car bridal style causing netizens to gush. He was also seen to grinning widely when he entered the car. Unlike the usual sweetness of an idol drama, the situation had an inexplicably funny brush to it, since Joey appeared mostly drunk. Yet, she was kind enough to make a purchase from the timely arrival of the flower vendor.

How Did Wang Talu and Joey Chua Meet?

Earlier, it was reported that Wang Talu has participated in a romance show with Joey Chua. The actor shot to fame after the box office success of his movie role in, “Our Times”. After joining the romance themed variety show, this may be why the pair have warmed up to each other. At present, the two parties have not officially announced their love affair.

Many netizens have however, been and looking forward to their response.

Joey Chua
Joey Chua
Darren Wang Talu played the role of the ‘bad boy’ gangster in “Our Times”

In the show, Huang Yi and the other hosts have paired Wang Dalu and Joey Chua many times, saying that they are very good match. Wang Dalu also replied at the time that “She too good, I am not worthy”.

In April this year, when the variety program “A Journey For Love” ended, Joey Chua issued parting message to confess that she regarded Wang Talu as the “best brother in the world (apart from her own biological brother)”. She also mentioned how he is an irreplaceable person in the variety show “family” unit.

Joey Chua thanks talu wang
Joey Chua thanks Talu Wang for being ‘the best brother in the world’

In the show, the two communicated naturally with the other hosts, and there was no awkwardness between them. However, in private, the two were recorded many times appearing at the same places.

The coincidental exchanges between the two started when they were cooperating with the program’s official announcement. Wang Dalu did not hesitate to praise Joey Chua afterwards.

Some hardworking netizens who monitor the two’s Instagram pages also noticed that the two’s staff members appeared to be at Disneyland together. This could however, very well be a part of the filming for the variety show program.

Later, some netizens posted photos of Cai Zhuoyi and Wang Dalu playing a water sport ride together. At that time, there are three people in the group, and one of them ought to have been a staff member. However, Joey Chua and Wang Talu appeared to sit very closely together while the other staff member was sitting far away.

Netizens suspected that the staff member was seemingly “covering up” their relationship.

Joey Chua Darren Wang
Netizens discussed why Joey Chua and Wang Talu were sitting very ‘closely together’ during the water game ride

But this may be good news for Joey Chua, who has not stopped searching for love since she joined the variety show, “A Journey For Love”. As a divorcee, she still remained optimistic about finding a suitable partner. Outside of the show, the two seemed to share a close relationship.

Although no official statement has been released on their relationship status, we hope for the best for the two celebrities!

Darren Wang Joey Chua
Darren Wang and Joey Chua shares a selfie together.

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