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Most Anticipated CPs of 2022

Another year, another set of amazing dramas. For avid drama watchers, if you want a dose of sugar, spice, and everything nice, plus speckles of heart-thumping moments, romance is definitely the genre for you....

Nine One Apologizes For Sharing Photos From A Movie As Netizens Accuse Her of Copyright Infringement

On 5 July, Rapper Nine One shared photos she took while watching the movie, “The Pioneer”, in the theatre. Netizens accused her of violating copyright laws, as photos taking in the movie theatre are...

Sun Zhen Ni of SNH48 Makes A Touching Video Thanking Her Fans Just Before The SNH48 Elections

On July 2nd, Sun Zhen Ni posted a video ahead of the SNH48 election on Weibo. This video impressed her followers, as the idol specially mentioned one of her fansite masters.

Ma Jiaqi Tells Fans Not To Despair Over College Entrance Exam Results

Ma Jiaqi, the Teen In Times leader shared a post about his college entrance exam results in early hours of this morning.

Rocket Girls Each Celebrate Their 3rd Year Anniversary With Selfies

June 23 this year is the 3rd anniversary of Rocket Girls 101's debut and the 1st anniversary of its disbandment.

Wang Ziyi Has Failed To Terminate His Contract With His Label, Causing Fans To Be Upset

On May 31, Wang Ziyi 's contract termination issue was addressed by Simply Joy Music on their Weibo page. The label issued a contract addressing the dispute between Simple Happy Culture and its artist...

Wu Xuanyi Fires Back At Netizens Who Criticise Her Way Of Handling Hateful Comments

Wu Xuanyi has been a trending topic on Weibo recently after she made a statement saying that "girls in the entertainment circle are not treated well."

INTO1 Confirms Official Fandom Name, Color and Fan Chant

In a blink of an eye, it has already been a month since the debut of the C-pop boy band, INTO1! The band has since decided on their official fandom name, color and fan...

Ex-UNINE member Yao Ming Ming Apologize Over Leaked Video Of Him Kissing A Girl

TRIGGER WARNING: NSFW  Today a video of the former UNINE Member Yao Mingming kissing an unidentified girl was leaked online by an anonymous user, “MMAQL.” Yao Ming Ming was a part of UNINE, a...

What Are The Nine Percent Members Doing Now, A Year After Disbandment?

Idol Producer is IQIYI's very first idol survival show where we got to know and love the Cpop boy group, Nine Percent. As we now venture to watch the latest season of Youth With...

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