Ex-UNINE member Yao Ming Ming Apologize Over Leaked Video Of Him Kissing A Girl


Today a video of the former UNINE Member Yao Mingming kissing an unidentified girl was leaked online by an anonymous user, “MMAQL.” Yao Ming Ming was a part of UNINE, a C-pop boy group that debuted in 2019 from the iQiyi survival show Youth With You. The group disbanded just last year after the expiration of their contract with the management.

It is alleged that “MMAQL” has uploaded a video of herself kissing Yao Mingming (whose birth name is Yao Bonan) on the Internet.

In the video, Yao Mingming could be seen sitting on the bed while the girl was kneeling on the ground. The two of them embraced each other face to face. They then proceed to kiss each other deeply. It did not take long for fans to viewers to have guessed what would happen next. This video would have definitely dealt a blow to Yao Ming Ming’s fanbase as the idol’s reputation was now smeared with the appearance of this video.

Yao Mingming kissing
Yao Ming Ming kissed his alleged lover passionately

Although many male idols have been exposed to a fair share of scandals this year, it is the first time that an explicit make-out video such as Yao Mingming have been exposed directly. It may be even more of a nightmare as the idol Yao Mingming’s face is clearly visible in the video. Whether it’s true or not Yao Mingming, would be unable to get rid of the video or deny it. On the contrary, the girl’s identity is still concealed as she was back-facing the camera in the video and their long hair also blocked their profile. This first video has since been deleted by the female.

Some netizens also speculated that Yao Mingming was deliberately filmed in the video as it was only his face that was facing the camera. The female party on the contrary had her face well-covered.

The Anonymous Netizen Calls Out Yao Ming Ming For “Scandalous” Behaviour

The same individual who uploaded the video later wrote a long post on Weibo, stating

“When [you] Yao Mingming played with other people’s feelings and bodies, did you not expect to be hammered one day? Trainees have been working hard for so many years [just to get a showcase], yet, you thought that victory was going to definitely be in sight, right? Haha! Let’s just ‘deceive’ those innocent and kind fangirls and see how long you can keep up with clubbing! Your passionate videos are available any time! Of course, it will depend on my mood, just like the other time when you played other people depending on your mood! In today’s video thumbnail, I won’t reveal your face, baby :)”


After that the uploaded of the video wrote another post:

“Looking back five hundred times, it was only then that we have the chance to brush shoulders with each other. Only in a hundred years can we share the same pillow together. So does this mean our time in bed every night is a chance of a thousand of years [worth of wait]? Last time sharing a pillow together meant a lifetime’s worth of promises. There are too few good men, no matter what his status is. Don’t just [give your] love anyhow and idolize those that seem so outstanding and eye-catching.”

It appeared that the anonymous individual seemed quite close to Yao Ming Ming. She posted a new photo afterwards of a selfie in bed and seemingly taunted Yao Ming Ming,

“Are you familiar with this bed?”

Another additional status wrote:”

“If you leave a lifeline as a person, you can still afford to meet [the other party] in future. But for you, there will be [no lifeline]. Don’t blame me for being harsh.”

Ex-UNINE member Yao Ming Ming
Ex-UNINE member Yao Ming Ming (pictured)
Yao Ming Ming exposure
A netizen exposed her alleged relationship with Yao Mingming


Yao Ming Ming responds to the Video Exposure

It appeared that the revelation was something completely unexpected for the former UNINE member. He responded with a post on Weibo 3 hours after the original post was revealed.

“We have never been in contact for 5 years. I did not expect a relationship that happened in 2016 to be recorded in this way, and worse still, exposed in this way. It may be that my way of expressing and handling my feelings were improper. I did not know it for so long that I caused so much harm to the other party. Now the spread of the secretly filmed video may cause more harm to other girls. I am very sorry no matter what. Because my private affairs has taken up public resources and caused trouble to everyone, I’m sorry. Once again, I solemnly apologize to everyone.”

While the apology has appeared sincere, the female who exposed their relationship appeared dissatisfied with his post.

She responded with status stating, “So until now, you have yet to say a word of apology to me, right? You rather declare that [someone else] set you up and deny the relationship? Great”

Following his apology, she exposed a second video of a similar looking man from the first video, with the caption, “Still don’t want to apologize to me, right?”

This time, the video revealed the man’s face face fully looking into the camera and lifting the quilts to their bed.

Obviously she had quite some evidence in her hands.

However, she wrote more Weibo posts afterwards, seemingly to blame someone with the initials “XYL”.

She alleged that she “really loved [XYL] for 5 years and did not have the heart to [expose] him.”

Netizens are still puzzled over who the XYL individual is.

Yao Ming Ming’s Agency Responds

Following Yao Ming Ming’s apology, his company has also issued a statement denying false allegations about his private love life. He was alleged to have spent the night hanging out with an unidentified female on the same day that the video was released.

The company also threatened legal action against users who continued to spread these false rumours.


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