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What Are The Nine Percent Members Doing Now, A Year After Disbandment?

“Idol Producer” is IQIYI’s very first idol survival show where we got to know and love the Cpop boy group, Nine Percent. As we now move on to watch the newer version of the survival show, Youth With You 3, let us not forget and look back at how the winners of the very first season are doing now!


Nine Percent: A Look At Each Member’s Solo Career

Nine Percent was a group formed on the idol survival show “Idol Producer”. The group debuted on April 6, 2018, and disbanded on October 6, 2019. From top (l-r): Xiao Gui, Zhu Zhengting, Lin Yanjun, You Zhangjing; Bottom (l-r): Justin Huang Minghao, Chen Linong, Cai Xukun, Fan Chengcheng, Wang Ziyi.

You Zhangjing (尤长靖)

You Zhangjing’s Solo Career

Also known as Azorachin, finished ninth in idol producer. He was the main vocalist of Nine Percent. Seeing his powerful vocals in Idol Producer and as a member of Nine Percent, it is not unexpected that he will be one of the promising singers of this generation. He debuted as a soloist and singer-composer on January 7, 2019.  On January 11, 2020, he held his first solo concert. He also released the studio album “AZORAland·I am You Zhangjing” in 2020. His single “是你想成为的大人吗 (Am I the grown-up that you wanted to be?)” topped 8th in the NetEase Music Best Singles. In January 2021, the song “If It Weren’t For You” which he sang at the 2021 Zhejiang TV NYE Concert landed first on the Fresh Asia Music Weekly Chart.

Xiao Gui (小鬼)

A Glimpse Into Xiao Gui’s Solo Career

(Real name: Wang Linkai) finished eighth in Idol Producer. He was one of the group’s rappers. He released two albums, “Lil Ghost 2.0” in 2019, and “From M to W” in 2020, four singles in 2019, and two singles in 2020. He also collaborated with Francis Ng on the track “Friendly Years” in 2019, and with Naomi Wang for “爆运Disco” in 2020. Aside from being active in his solo career as a rapper/singer, he is also active in variety shows in China. In 2020. He was a judge in Mango TV’s show “Rap Star” and also the main host for Beijing TV’s “Crossover Singer”. In the same year, he was invited to become a cast member for Hunan TV’s “Go Newbies”, and IQIYI’s virtual idol-based variety show, “Dimension Nova” alongside Angelababy and Esther Yu.

For more information, check out our profile on Xiao Gui

Wang Ziyi (王子异)

Wang Ziyi’s Solo Career Also Involved Getting Into Acting

Also known as Boogie, finished seventh in Idol Producer. His position in the group was rapper and dancer. In 2019, Wang Ziyi released three singles — “YOUTH MAP”, “OVERDRIVE”, and ” 海( Sea)” and a collaboration single with Zhou Jieqiong titled “看你看我 (See You See Me)”. In the same year, he was featured on the OSTs for three different dramas. He also won Fashion Attitude Artist of the Year at the Sina Fashion Awards and Trend Figure of the Year at the iFeng Fashion Choice Awards.

In 2020, Ziyi landed his first acting role portraying Xu Ling in the drama “We Are All Alone” alongside Qin Lan and the late Godfrey Gao. Recently, he will also be taking on the make lead role of Gu Jia Xin in the upcoming drama, “Love Note” alongside Gina Jin.

Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷)

Zhu Zhengting’s Solo Career Also Include Forays Into Acting

Also known as Theo, finished sixth place in Idol Producer. He was the group’s Main Dancer and Vocalist. After disbandment, he focused on being part of the CPOP group NEX7, which is under his agency Yue Hua, and promoting as a singer and actor. He released four singles in 2019 and one in 2020 entitled “Empty Space” featuring Wang Ziyi. Zhengting has also been active in variety shows since 2018 up to the present. In 2020, he was a regular cast member in “Woof Meow Story”, “The Greatest Dancer”, “We Were in Love Season 2”, and “Super Hit Season 1”.

In the same year, he was among the cast of the movie “Vanguard” alongside action superstar Jackie Chan. Now, we will finally see his acting on the small screen for the dramas “Novoland: The Princess From Plateau” and “The Silence of the Monster” which will both be aired in 2021.

For more information, check out our profile on Zhu Zhengting.

Lin Yanjun (林彦俊)

Lin Yanjun Plays The Lead Role In “Crush”

Also known as Evan, finished fifth in Idol Producer. He was one of the main vocalists of Nine Percent. After forming his own studio in 2018, Lin focused on his music career from 2019 up to the present. His dedication as a singer-composer is admired by fans as every single he released is either a chart-topper or has landed him music awards.

In 2019, he won the Best New Singer Award in Hong Kong and Taiwan at the 26th ERC Chinese Top Ten Music Festival and his single reached No.4 on Billboard China Social Music Chart in March 2019. In 2020, he released two solo singles and a collaboration with singer Doja Cat of her hit song “Say So” for a Chinese version remix. In 2021, we should look out for actor Lin for the drama “Fall in Love”, and for his first lead actor role in the drama “Crush” opposite the actress Wan Peng.

Justin Huang (黄明昊)


Justin Huang Minghao Profile and Facts

(Real name: Huang Minghao) finished fourth in Idol Producer. He was a rapper, dancer, and the youngest member of Nine Percent. After disbandment, Justin focused his career as a group member of NEXT alongside Zhengting and Chengcheng, and as a rapper-singer and variety show host. In 2020, he released his first studio album entitled “18”.

He held his first live solo concert in October that year. He was also in variety shows “Not A Loner”, “Great Escape Season 2”, “The Irresistible”, and “Summer Surf Shop” as a fixed cast member. He became the newest cast member of Happy Camp after winning the MC hosting competition and will be co-hosting the show for 12 episodes. Aside from his upcoming variety shows in 2021, we should also watch out as Justin will be joining the movie “Seven Saints” alongside actor Andy Lau.

For more information, check out our profile on Justin Huang.

Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞)

Fan Cheng Cheng’s Solo Career Involved Releasing Music and Starring In Dramas

Also known as Adam, finished third in Idol Producer. He was a vocalist and rapper of Nine Percent. After disbandment, Chengcheng focused his career as a group member of NEX7, alongside Zhengting and Justin, and as a solo singer and actor. He released his second album entitled “EMERGING” and two singles in 2020. In the same year, he was also active in several variety shows such as “Youth Periplous 2”, “Mr. Housework 2”, “Fourtry 2”, “Irresistible Offer 2”, and many others.

In 2021, his first drama in which he starred as the male lead, “The World Of Fantasy” was released. He played the character of Qin Lie and starred opposite his label mate and ex Idol Producer mentor, Cheng Xiao. This year, expect that we will be seeing more of Fan’s actor side as his to-be-released drama plus one movie are already lined up.

For more information, check out our profile on Fan Chengcheng.

Chen Linong (陳立農)


An Insight To Chen Linong’s Solo Career

Also known affectionately as “Nongnong”, Chen Linong finished second place in Idol Producer. He was one of the main vocalists of Nine Percent. After disbandment, he focused his career mostly as a singer and actor.

On May 29, 2020, he released his first album “Unbelonging” which contained 12 songs, with two being collaborations with fellow singers Rainie Yang and Hailee Steinfeld. He was also a regular cast member for the shows “Wonderful Time” and “XJR Sports Carnival” which were both aired in the same year. He also starred in the movie “Soul Snatcher” alongside the actor Li Xian, where he played the character of an innocent scholar named Wang Zijin. The movie was released on December 4, 2020.

Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤)


Cai Xukun Continued To Explore Music In His Solo Career

Better known by the mononym “Kun”, he was the overall first placed trainee in Idol producer. He was the center and leader of Nine Percent. After disbandment, Kun focused his career on music. In 2020, he released a song titled “山河无恙在我胸 (The Mountains and Rivers Are on My Chest)” with actress Tong Liya which they dedicated to boosting morale in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. He also released the single “Home” to support those who were under lock-down. In May 2020, he released his newest single “Lover” which ranked first on QQ Music’s charts.

In the same year, he joined as the newest cast member of “Keep Running” together with actors Guo Qilin and Sha Yi. He was also announced to be the Youth Representative for Youth With You Season 2, which is the third season of the survival show Idol Producer which created his former group Nine Percent. The year 2020 continued to be a great year for Kun as he received several awards for being one of the most popular singers of his generation. He also became the brand ambassador for multiple top fashion brands.

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