Justin Huang Minghao Profile and Facts

Justin Huang Profile & Facts

Justin Huang Minghao Profile and Facts

Name: Justin Huang
Chinese Name: Huang Minghao
Simplified Chinese Name: 黄明昊(simplified)
Traditional Chinese Name: 黃明昊(traditional)
Nicknames: Xiao Jia(小贾), Jia Fu Gui(贾富贵)
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 19th, 2002
Place Of Birth: Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 185 cm (6’1”)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Occupation: Rapper, Dancer and Singer
Agency: Yuehua Entertainment
Associated Acts: NEXT/NEX7 (乐华七子) and NINE PERCENT (百分九少年)(former)


Justin Huang Facts
– Because his parents worked abroad all year round, Justin was entrusted by his parents to be taken care of by his relatives in HangZhou
– Justin completed his studies in Hangzhou-primary school in Hangzhou Daguanyuan No. 1 Primary School.
–  He attended junior high school in Hangzhou Jinxiu Middle School.
–  Starting from the first grade of elementary school, Justin Huang went swimming often with his grandfather.
–  By the first grade of junior high school, he has been swimming for seven years and has achieved excellent results in the Zhejiang Province
– Justin also often participated in the school’s New Year’s Day and June 1st art performances.
– In the fifth grade, the school formed an aerobics team and Justin participated in it and also practiced for one year.
– In the sixth grade participated in the competition, and won the gold medals in the two events of the Hangzhou Primary School Aerobics Competition in the first battle.
– Justin became a trainee in Yuehua Entertainment and went to South Korea to commence training at the age of 13.
– He trained for 2 years.
– He participated in Korean survival reality show Produce 101 Season 2 in 2017.
– He was eliminated on 8th episode and ranked #43 with 458,650 votes. He returned back to China.
– He mentioned on a variety show that when he went to Korea, he didn’t even know the language over there and practiced for hours.
– He also said he was practicing dance until the mirror was all foggy due to the heat in the room.
– He also participated in iQIYI’s idol survival show Idol Producer in 2018.
– He ranked #4 with 14,574,594 votes and became a member of the final group Nine Percent.
– When he was a member of Nine Percent, he also debuted as a member of Yuehua’s boy group NEXT.
– He continues his career as a solo artist now since his group isn’t active.
– He made his solo debut with his first single “Hard Road” in 2018.
– He does not like eating seaweed and raw fish, he prefers eating meat. (he’s in love with meat)
– He can speak Wenzhou dialect and Mandarin fluently. He also can speak Korean and English.
– He loves playing basketball, swimming, playing moba games and writing songs.
– He thinks that the most joyful thing in life is sleeping and eating.
– He has such a beautiful cat named Tinbao. Tinbao’s fans even have a fandom name! Tina!
– He loves animals and spending time with them.
– Children love him!!
– His ideal type is a cute girl who is kind and eats well.
– He has a clothing brand TWOEX2 named after his year of birth 2002.
– He’s good at cooking, surfing, playing basketball, playing Honor of Kings(Tencent’s MOBA game).
– He even appeared on a basketball themed variety show named 24 Seconds of Youth as a basketball coach.
– He has amazing variety skills. He appeared in many variety shows as a cast member.
– He can easily make magic tricks with cards.
– He released his very first album 《18》which has 10 songs mostly written by him on August 3rd, 2020.
– Within only 14 minutes after the presale for 《18》 was opened, the sales exceeded 400,000 copies and 10 million yuan on Netease Music.
–  《18》is Huang Minghao’s 18-year-old album of the same name. The entire album contains his feelings and precipitation of his short life. Each song interprets the theme of “love” in a different way and style.
– 《Angel Love》was written and composed by Justin Huang himself, with gentle tunes and lyrics. As a song written to fans, this song has achieved the ultimate sincerity.Trap’s heavy bass drum beats perfectly with the R&B style. The straightforward expression of the hook part of the lyrics and the ingenuity hidden in the rap words make people just listen.  After the song is over, the corners of the mouth will be raised unconsciously because of this gentleness and healing.
– He also gave his first live solo concert on October 24th, 2020.
– It was announced that he would be joining the cast of《七圣》, starring as 哪吒(Nezha) in January of 2020.
 – He won the MC hosting competition and is currently the newest cast member of Happy Camp and will continue to be so for the next 12 episodes


Justin Huang’s Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: @jjjustin0219
Weibo Promotional Page: 信昊接收中
Instagram: @justin_huangmh
Oasis: @jjjustin0219
Douyin: NEXT_HMH


Justin Huang’s Fandom Facts

–  His female fans are called Justina/Nana
–  His male fans are called Justinba/Banana
–  His fandom color is Lime
Justin Huang Global Fanclub 


Justin Huang’s Album/Singles

《18》| first full album | 2020
眠冬(Hibernation) ft. Young Jack | 2020
挣脱(Struggle Free/More Than Forever) | 2020
请拨打我的电话please | 2019
Pick Up The Phone | 2019
No Why x ICE ft. Tia Ray | 2019
Don’t Wait Anymore ft. Meng Meiqi | 2019
Unstoppable Passion | 2019
½ Sweet | 2019
½ Cool | 2019
Liar | 2019
Maria ft. KOHH | 2019
After Leaving (NEXT TO YOU)  | 2018
Hard Road | 2018 


Variety Show Appearances

Happy Camp(快乐大本营)| 2020
(200824-201024 cast member)
Summer Surf Shop(夏日冲浪点)| 2020
The Irresistible(元气满满的哥哥)| 2020
Great Escape S2(密室大逃脱2)| 2020
Keep Running S8(奔跑吧第八季)| 2020 -guest-
Happy Camp(快乐大本营)| 2020 -guest-
Not A Loner(看我的生活)| 2020
我+ | 2020
Great Escape(密室大逃脱)| 2019
The Great Wall(了不起的长城)| 2019
One Shop, One Dream(我想开个店)| 2019
Meet at the Temple of Heaven(遇见天坛)| 2019
24 Seconds of Youth(篮板青春)| 2019
Master in the House(少年可期)| 2019
Magical Chinese Characters(神奇的汉字)| 2019 -guest-
Top Task(头号任务)| 2019 -guest-
Who’s The Murderer S5 明星大侦探)| 2019 -guest-
Sweet Tasks(甜蜜的任务)| 2019 -guest-
Day Day Up(天天向上)| 2018 -guest-
More Than Forever (限定的记忆)| 2019
Happy Camp(快乐大本营)| 2019 -guest-
We Are Not At Home Tomorrow 明天我们不在家)| 2018
Who’s The Murderer S4 明星大侦探)| 2018 -guest-
Keep Running (‪奔跑吧‬)| 2018 -guest-
Perfect Restaurant (完美的餐厅)| 2018-19
Fantasy Restaurant (奇妙的食光)| 2018
Happy Camp(快乐大本营)| 2018 -guest-
Brave World (勇敢的世界)| 2018
Nine Percent: Flower Road Journey (花路之旅)| 2018
Idol Producer Season 1(偶像练习生)| 2018
Produce 101 Season 2 | 2017 

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Justin Huang’s Latest MVs

 Justin’s first album 《18》 title song

Angel Love



‘Best New Song-Writer’ | 2018 Asian Music Festival


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