Zhou Jieqiong Profile and Facts

Profile and Facts

Zhou Jieqiong Profile and Facts

Name: Zhou Jieqiong (Kyulkyung)
Chinese Name: 周洁琼
English Name: Pinky Zhou
Korean Name: Joo Kyulkyung
Nicknames: Pinky, Little Fox, Xiao Zhou (小周), qiongqiong (琼琼), juju, chinese dancing machine & Empress Zhou
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: 16th December, 1998
Place Of Birth: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
Blood Type: O
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Height: 167cm (5’6”)
Weight: 47kg
Occupation: Singer, Dancer & Actress
Instruments: Pipa, piano, guitar & drums
Former Positions: Main dancer, vocalist, visual, centre & face of the group
Agency: (Formerly YMC/Swing & Pledis Ent), Zhou Jieqiong Studio
Associated Acts: IOI, Pristin, Pristin V

  • Family and siblings: Her family includes her mom, dad, younger sister and brother
  • Pets: 2 cats lulu & mumu and 1 dog; qiqi
  • She became well-known in the c-ent industry in 2018 after her decision to participate as an idol mentor in the chinese survival show ‘idol producer’
  • Favourite colour: purple
  • Musical Instruments: She learnt how to play the pipa at Shanghai Conservatory of Music
  • She learned pipa strictly ever since she was a child and use to receive praises from all teachers for her positive learning attitude
  • High school: She graduated from School of Performing Arts in Seoul
  • Skills: songwriting, composing & a variety of dances
  • She was street casted in Shanghai by Pledis Ent. at the age of 11 and moved to Korea alone after her parents came with her to sign the contract
  • Became a trainee in 2010 (6th grade) and trained for nearly 6 years
  • Languages Spoken: She can fluently speak in Korean and Chinese and was considered very outstanding in variety shows
  • Debuted in 2016 through the survival program Produce 101 as the 6th member of IOI
  • She was chosen as #1 Visual and #1 Trainee by other trainees on Produce 101
  • After IOI disbanded, she debuted in Pristin in 2017 and then the sub-unit Pristin V in 2018
  • Jieqiong made her solo debut in China in 2018 with the digital single “WHY”, which she helped write, choose the concept for and choreograph
  • Made her acting debut in February 2020 as the main lead of the historical medical drama Miss Truth
  • The drama was very successful despite it being her debut, it was one of the finalists for the 5th Weibo Drama Awards.
  • “Miss Truth” also topped the romance, suspense & costume drama ranking lists on all major video platforms (more of its achievements here)
  • Her debut drama Miss Truth also successfully aired on TV in South Korea, Japan and Thailand.
  • Favourite groups: Girls Generation, Blackpink, F(x), Red Velvet and After School
  • Role model: After School’s Nana (Im Jinah)
  • Her idols: Blackpink’s Jennie, Exid Hani and Krystal Jung.
  • She is known to quickly adapt to her surroundings
  • Work Ethic: She is a perfectionist when it comes to her work
  • She is very strict with herself when it comes to working and training as that is the type of environment she grew up in
  • Jieqiong is very extroverted and easy going according to her castmates, she has many close friends in the industry and is also close to the Chinese idols in Kpop
  • Friends with Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao, Liu Xiening/Sally, Elkie, Svt’s Jun and The8, Momoland’s Nayun, Gfriend’s SinB, Twice’s Dahyun & Sana, WayV and many more.
  • Good friends: Xu Jiaqi/Kiki (SNH48/THE9) as they have uploaded dance covers together
  • Close friends with Esther Yu from THE9 as she called for fans to support her during Esther’s youth with you finale showcase
  • She is also close with actors/actress’s BaiLu, Zhao Yaoke, Shi Qingyan, Ju Jingyi, LinYun & Chen Ruoxuan
  • Characteristic: She is very competitive, really cares for the people around her and never fails to show support to her buddies.
  • She has a good sense of fashion and loves fashion.
  • Hobbies: She loves shopping, trying new foods  and meeting up with her friends
  • Aspirations: She wants to try playing the role of a serious modern day doctor or a villainous character in the future


Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 周洁琼_OFFICIAL
Studio Weibo: 周洁琼工作室官微
XHS: 周洁琼
Bilibili: 周洁琼
Instagram: zhou_jieqiong1216
Oasis: 周洁琼_OFFICIAL
Douyin: 周洁琼


Fandom Facts

Name of fandom: Cherryπ (Cherry pi/pie)
Weibo Fanclub account: PINKer_周洁琼中文首站


Ideal Type

– Someone who is cool when working with and also a person she learn a lot from them
– When asked if she was a guy what kind of girls she would like and her answer was all kinds of girls


Jieqiong Album/Singles/OST
WHY (debut single)| 2018
Hi!Housemate ft. Hi!Housemate cast | 2018
Write you a poem ft. Silence Wang | 2018
看你看我 ft. Wang Ziyi (Love Timing OST)| 2019
Leave it to brother (I got you ost) | 2019
小窃喜 (Little chuckle; Valentine’s Day Special) – Miss Truth ost| 2020
天籁 (The Music of Heaven) – Miss Truth ost | 2020
Chime of the Dawn Bell (Chinese ver. composed by ???????????????? ????????????????????????) | 2020

Songwriting Credits

WHY – solo (lyrics)
Over n over – Pristin (lyrics)
Glass shoes – fromis_9 (composing)

TV Dramas

Be My Princess (Ming Wei) | 2022
To Be With you 约定 – 往GO (Teacher Li) | 2021
Miss Truth 大唐女法医 (Ran Yan) | 2020
Legend of Fei 有翡 (Li Yan) | 2020


Sunny Sisters 阳光姐妹淘 (Li Youran) | 2021


Variety Show/Guest Appearances

Produce 101 (contestant) | 2016
Battle Trip (guest) | 2016 | 2019
Knowing brothers (guest) (x2) | 2016
Hello Counselor (x2) | 2016 | 2017
Oppa thinking (intern) | 2017
Crazy Wardrobe (cast) | 2017
Idol Producer (mentor) | 2018
Happy Camp (guest) (x3) | 2018
Day Day Up (guest) (x4) | 2018 | 2019| 2020
Idol Hits (guest) | 2018
The Coming one 2 (guest performer) 2018
Idol producer (dance mentor) | 2018
Idol star athletic championship | 2018
Iqiyi fan carnival | 2018 | 2019
King of Masked singer (contestant) | 2018
Happy China Graduation Concert | 2018
Hi!Housemate (cast) | 2018
Love Timing (cast) | 2019
Tasty Life season 3 (guest) | 2019
My motherland and I (guest) | 2019
The Big Band (guest performer) | 2019
My better me (guest) | 2019
The Keep Running Carnival (guest) | 2019
Masked dancing king (contestant) | 2020
Bestie Day (guest) | 2020
QQ e-games competition (team player) (x2) | 2020
Deyun Men’s Society (guest) | 2020
Poetic Journey of the soul (guest) | 2020
Keep Running (guest) (x2) | 2020 | 2021
Beijing food night banquet | 2020
Hunan TV x TMall Festival | 2020

Endorsements and Campaigns

Mint Health
Taizhou tourism & artefacts
Armani Beauty
Estée Lauder
Tory Burch
Ralph Lauren
Elemis UK


Full list of endorsements & photoshoots

Zhou Jieqiong Latest Stage


Awards and Nominations (Solo)

TC Candler #99 most beautiful face in the world | 2017
TCC Asia #48 most beautiful face (Asia Pacific region) | 2018
TCC Asia #33 most beautiful face (Asia Pacific region) | 2019
TCC Asia #79 most beautiful face (Asia Pacific region) | 2020
Sina Fashion Awards Charm Artist of the Year | 2020

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