Liu Yuxin Profile and Facts

Liu Yuxin
Liu Yuxin

Liu Yuxin (刘雨昕) is a C-pop idol born in Guizhou Province on April 20, 1997. She is a pop singer and dancer from Mainland China and a member of the girl group THE9 and Lady Bees. She is the center of both girl groups. In March 2016, Liu Yuxin made her debut into the entertainment industry as a member of Lady Bees. The girl group debuted from a survival show hosted by Zhejiang TV. In 2020, she joined the iQiyi survival show, Youth With You 2, in which she successfully emerged as the top ranking trainee. She made her debut once more with the girl group, THE9.

Liu Yuxin Profile and Facts

Liu Yuxin
Liu Yuxin

Name: Liu Yuxin (刘雨昕)
English Name: XIN Liu
Nicknames: XinXin, Liu-Laoshi, Da Bao
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 20th, 1997
Place Of Birth: Guizhou
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Cow
Height: 168 cm
Weight:43 kg
Group Position: Center of THE9
Occupation: Singer and Professional Dancer (Female Popper)
Agency: Asian Music Group (AMG)
Associated Acts: THE9, Lady Bees
Education: Tianjin Media College


Liu Yuxin Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: THE9-刘雨昕
Douyin: 刘雨昕XIN

Liu Yuxin Fandom Facts

– Liu Yuxin’s fans are called  雨伞 (☂️) or Yu San which literally translates to Umbrella or UMs.
– The reason for the fandom name is because Liu Yuxin’s name has character rain, also it means rain and umbrella are always there for each other, if there’s no rain, there will be no Umbrella, and Umbrella are there to protect Yuxin from any harm.
– The official fandom color is blue lake

Liu Yuxin Facts

– Liu Yuxin went to Beijing at 12 years old to learn Street Dance.
– As a kid, she learnt Ballet but never really got the joy of it.
– She started to love dancing when she was introduced to street dance.
– She felt excitement and passion to learn street dance
– She met Lin Meng, her Shifu (teacher) of Popping when he went to her school to introduce street dance.
– Even Though Popping is dominated by men, Liu Yuxin never feels scared and discouraged to learn it.
– She has been doing push-up 100x times a day to build and maintain the muscle that required to execute the moves and prove that girls also can do popping.
– Liu Yuxin grew up in a street dance battle environment, and she mostly won the battle against the older and bigger men in street dance battles.
– Liu Yuxin knows many styles of dance and can execute it really well, just name it: Popping, Krump, Jazz, HipHop, Locking, contemporary, ballet, and many more.
– She participated on Go!UP Junior in 2012 and won the competition.
– She majored in Dance before she changed course in university to music production.
– Dream is the title of her first self composed song, the lyric was made for her dream, and she first let her teacher who supported her to take a course in music production as the first listener.
– When Youth With You 2 aired and people learnt about the song, the teacher posted on her weibo about how touched she felt when Yuxin played her first work to her.
– In 2016, she joined Lady Bees Survival Show and debuted through the program as Center for the girl group Lady Bees.
– In 2018, she released her first EP XIN that has 4 songs in it.
– Her first EP only sold at 2 digits.
– After Lady Bees disbanded, Liu Yuxin join Youth With You 2 as her last attempt to get some popularity.
– She and her company never expected she would come that far and even debut as the Center for the group.
– Her company had already arranged for her new song to be released after she was eliminated from the program.
– “Beatholic” is the title of her song released after Youth With You 2.
– The song was released right after Liu Yuxin won the program and debuted as No.1 Center for THE9.
– Liu Yuxin and Snow Kong Xueer are both part of Lady Bees, which meant that they are both in the same girl groups.
– Her newest song is titled “BiuBiu” and it was in THE9 album, MatriX. It is a song with lyrics dedicated to her haters.
– She hardly gains weight even though she eats in big portions and has a big appetite.
– She adores small pets, be it dog, cat, as long as it is cute.
– She wants to buy a house in Beijing and bring her parents to live with her.
– Her mom really loves her her very much. In her parent’s home, there is a wall full of Liu Yuxin’s photos since she was young, and her mom will look at the photos each time she misses her daughter.
– Liu Yuxin mostly performed her solo stage after debut in THE9 with RMB Dance Crew.
– In Masked Dance Singer, “Tiao Pi Dan” is the alias of Liu Yuxin uses.
– She named it like that to describe her younger self who is cheerful, passionate, and fearless.
– She nearly forgot this version of herself after she became an adult and met with the harsh reality of the entertainment industry.
– Fourtry 2 is the first variety show where she was a permanent show host, alongside William Chan, Fan Cheng Cheng, Ouyang Nana, and Grace Chow.
– All 5 of the cast became good friends and even family through the program.
– She likes dye tie and gives handmade dye tie outfits to her FOURTRY 2 family casts as first meeting gift.


Liu Yuxin Album/Singles

Feel Good  |  2018
XIN  |  2018
Beatholic  |  2020
BiuBiu  |  2020

TV Drama/Movie appearances

Lady Bees (蜜蜂少女队) | iQIYI (2018) – Herself
Lady Bees 2 (蜜蜂少女队2) | iQIYI (2018) – Herself
Who’s the Drama Queen (青春加点戏) | iQIYI (2020) – 31 year old straightforward single lady (Episode 2), cool and mysterious secretary to Shaking (Episode 7)

Variety Show Appearances

FOURTRY 2 (Permanent Cast)  | 2021
Happy Camp (Guest with FOURTRY 2 casts)  | 2021
Happy Camp (Guest with THE9)  | 2020
Let’s Party (Permanent Cast)  | 2020
Go! Fighting (Guest with THE9)  | 2020
Masked Dance King (contestant) | 2020


Idol’s Latest MV/Song Comeback

XIN Liu | 刘雨昕 个人单曲《BIUBIU》MV[伪] 完整版 BiuBiu FanMade MV (Full Version)
劉雨昕 XIN LIU FEAT. DANCER KING OF SWAG【節奏病 BEAT HOLIC】官方MV (Official Music Video)

Awards and Nominations

Most Upward Junior  | Go Up! Junior (向上吧!少年) 2012
Center Lady Bees  | Lady Bees Survival Show (2016)
Center THE9 | Youth With You 2 (2020)
Most Popular International Trainee | Youth With You 2 (2020)
Best Battle Award (Best Individual Award) | Masked Dance King 2020
Top 10 Song of The Year “It’s You”  | Migu Music Award 2020
Popular Star of The Year  | Sohu Fashion Award 2020
Popular Female Artist of The Year  | IFeng Feng Xiang Biao 2020
Role Model of The Year | IFeng Feng Xiang Biao 2020
Person of The Year | Southern Metropolis Entertainment 2020
BEST OF THE YEAR | 博客天下 2020
Top 3 Most Charismatic Artist  |  最具号召力艺人榜  2020
The 100 Most Beautiful Woman (Rank 19)  | TBWORLD 2020


Dior | Brand Friend 2020
MakeUp Forever | Global Brand Ambassador 2020
Haagen Dazs | Brand Ambassador 2020
Penfold | Brand Ambassador X to Max series 2020
Ezvalo | First Spokesperson 2020
SOFY | Brand Ambassador 2020
SWISSE | Collagen Series Spokesperson 2020
CHOCDAY | First Spokesperson 2020
OPPO | Representatives with Yu Shuxin and Zhao Xiaotang for RENO 4 and 5 Series 2020
Jade Dinasty Game | THE9 Brand Ambassador 2020
TOT  |  Representatives with Yu Shuxin and Xie Keyin for Spokesperson 2020
Dove  | Brand Ambassador Hair Products 2020
Darlie  | Brand Ambassador 2020
Yoghurt Drink 蒙牛真果粒 |  THE9 Brand Ambassador 2020


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