Fan Cheng Cheng Profile and Facts

Profile and Facts


Name: Fan ChengCheng
Chinese Name: 范丞丞
Nicknames: Cheng Cheng, Fuxixi, Adam Fan
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 16, 2000
Place Of Birth: Qingdao, Shandong China
Blood Type: B
Star Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 66kg
Occupation: Idol, Rapper, Artist, Member of NEXT
Agency: Yuehua Entertainment
Associated Acts: Nine Percent, NEXT (乐华NEXT)
Sibling: Fan Bing Bing


– He studied in the United States when he was 15 years old,
– He has a dog named Fan Chong Chong
– His older sister is the famous actress Fan Bing Bing
– First exposed to the media in 2007 when he went to attend the Berlin International Film Festival with his sister.
– He learned and played piano since he was 4 y/o
– Chengcheng’s English name is Adam
– He is fluent in Mandarin and English
– Cheng loves to eat and actually gained 10kg in 4 months during Idol Producer
– He has 4 tattoos.
– The first tattoo is on his right hand, is the famous drawing called “praying hands” by Albrecht Dürerone.
– The second tattoo is on his inner bicep the tattoo says “you are the brightest star in my sky”;
– The 3rd tattoo is on his inner arm and it contains the words “LEVEL UP” in a bubble box w/ no. “18” underneath it with an arrow pointing up.
– The 4th tattoo is on his left upper arm.
– Fan Cheng Cheng loves playing the piano and basketball.
– His motto is that “I do what I want to do”.
– He shared a room with Zhengting and Justin back in Nine Percent’s dorm
– Cheng uses his sister’s team as his management team
– He went on hiatus for a while with NEXT group promotions for about 7 months back in 2019
– Cheng is on the Top 10 Placing New Idols for New Musicians of 2020
– He is great at taking photos for girls, Ouyang Nana praised his photography skills on the show FOURTRY.
– Cheng shares a room with Huang Xinchun in NEXT dorm

Official Social Media Accounts
Weibo: 范丞丞Adam0616
Fan Cheng Cheng’s Team Weibo: 范丞丞留声机
Spotify: Adam Fan
Instagram: real_fanchengcheng
Oasis: 范丞丞Adam0616
Douyin: 范丞丞 NEXT_FCC

Fan Cheng Cheng’s Fandom Facts
Name of fandom/fans: Cheng Stars
Official fandom color: Orange
Weibo Official Fanclub account: 范丞丞数据站; 范丞丞反黑组

Fan Cheng Cheng’s Album and Singles
GTA feat弹壳Danko | 2021
咦?Born to Lose | 2021
EMERGING Remix | 2021
Xiaoming classmate (collab with Liu Yuxin) | 2021
Rock with me (featured) | 2021
I Don’t Gotta Know ft. Ouyang Nana | 2020
Can’t Slow Down | 2020
Umbrella – Memory Nine Percent | 2019
Like A Fan | 2019
Dumb Show | 2018
I’m Here | 2018

TV Drama/Movie Appearances
Founding of the Republic | TBA
Light on Series: Wisher| TBA
Chasing the Light [Jiang Cheng] | TBA (currently filming)
Youth | TBA
The World of Fantasy | 2021
Door Lock | 2021
Who’s the Murderer: NZND Concert Special [Fan “Rap”] | 2019

Variety Show Appearances
Ace v Ace | 2021
The Adjustment Bureau | 2021
Let’s Call It a Day | 2021
FOURTRY Season 2 | 2020
Super Hit Season 1 | 2020
Irresistible Offer Season 2 | 2020
Mr. Housework 2 | 2020
720 Trend Manager | 2020
Sisters Who Make Waves | 2020
Youth Periplous 2 | 2020
I Want To Live Like This | 2020
Welcome Back to Sound  | 2020
Let’s Go | 2019
Who’s The Murderer: Season 5 | 2019
Chase Me| 2019
Tasty Life Season 3 | 2019
Masked Singer Season 4 | 2019
Meet at Temple of Heaven | 2019
Let’s Sing Together | 2019
IQIYI 2019 Fan Fiesta | 2019
Youth Periplous | 2019
Master in the House | 2019
Our Daughter’s Boyfriends | 2019
Beautiful Youth | 2019
Sweet Tasks | 2019
Youth With You | 2019
More Than Forever | 2019
We Are Not At Home Tomorrow | 2018
Nine Percent: Flower Road Journey| 2018
Keep Running: Season 6 | 2018
Happy Camp | 2018 & 2020
Idol Producer | 2018

Fan Cheng Cheng’s Latest MV/Song Comeback 

Xiaoming classmate drink
Rarone Watches
Gold Bond
Cogi Sunscreen
X-Step Shoes
WIS Professional Skincare
Changan Mazda

Awards and Nomination
Popular Singer – Super Hit Awards | 2021
Top 10 Best Stages – Super Hit Awards | 2021
Popular singer of the year 2020- iQiyi Scream Night  | 2020
The Most Anticipated Newcomer- iQiyi Scream Night  | 2020
Variety Star of the Year- iQiyi Scream Night  | 2020
Idol of the Year – 16th Esquire Man At His Best Awards| 2019
New Power Artist of the Year – The 10th Beijing News “China Fashion Power List” | 2018
The Most Influential Idol of the year – Sogou IN Panorama·Selection Ceremony| 2018
Fashion Influential Male Star of the Year – Sohu Fashion Festival  | 2018

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