Wang Yijin Profile and Facts

Wang Yijin Profile and Facts

Wang Yijin Profile and Facts

Name: Wang Yijin
Chinese Name: 王艺瑾
Birth Name: Wang Yunxuan (王韵宣)
English Name: Rita Wang
Birthday: December, 25 1996
Star Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Birthplace: Shandong, China
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 170 cm
Education: Beijing Dance Academy
Original agency: Jaywalk Newjoy
Current agency: Wajijiwa Entertainment

Wang Yijin Facts
– Wang Yijin (王艺瑾)’s birth name is Wang Yunxuan (王韵宣).
– Her birthplace is in Shandong, China
– She is considered a child star
– She began her career as a child host for a television show called 阳光快车道 (‘Sunshine Expressway’) on Shandong TV.
– She was known by her birth name, “Xuan Xuan” inside the show.
– However she disappeared from the showbiz industry for a period afterwards after the TV show ended
– Wang Yijin went to the Jinan Foreign Language School for high school.
– She then took her performing arts entrance exams to qualify for performing arts universities across China, which she wanted to attend.
– Wang Yijin managed to obtain 84 points and  she was ranked 12th in the performing arts exam for Beijing Dance Academy’s musical theatre department.
– She ultimately decided to enroll there.
– In 2016, she released his solo single “The Dream of Feng Hua Yuan ”
– In June 2018, she started filming her first ever drama for the Chinese drama Growing Pain (少年派).
– She took up the supporting role of Liang Yunshu and the drama aired in June 2019.
– In December 2018, Wang Yijin was officially announced as a part of the Jaywalk Newjoy’s A+ Students.
– In April 2019, she started filming for the Jaywalk Studio (parent company of Jaywalk Newjoy) drama production Storm Eye. She takes on the support role named ‘Miao Lu’.
– In 2020, Wang Yijin participated in the Chinese girl group survival show Chuang 2020 (创造营2020) and finished in 3rd place with 147,605,682 votes.
– She officially debuted as a member of the girl group Bonbon Girls (硬糖少女303) on July 4th, 2020.
– Since her childhood, Wang Yijin has been more outgoing and playful. She also loves joking with her friends and has a cheerful and bubbly personality.
– Although she is more optimistic she is also rational in life, especially when it comes to analyzing things, and will often help her teammates analyze their problems as she comforts them.
– Wang Yijin is a fan of the actress Yang Mi, who owns part of the Jaywalk Studios label

Wang Yijin Fandom Information
Fandom name:
500 grams (五百克/wu bai ke)
Fandom color: “Jade” Color (瑾色/#84E2A8)

Official Social Media Accounts
Weibo: @硬糖少女303-王艺瑾
Douyin: Wang Yijin’s Douyin
Oasis: Wang Yijin’s Oasis 
RED: Wang Yijin’s RED
Bon Bon Girls Weibo: Bonbon Girls’ Weibo
Bon Bon Girls Bili Bili: Bonbon Girls’ Bilibili

Bon Bon Girls EP – Law of The Hard Candy | 2020

TV series
Storm Eye | 2020
Growing Pain | 2019

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