Chuang 2021 Announce Their Mentor Line-up For This Season

This week, Chuang 2021 officially unveiled their Mentor line-up for this season!

Deng Chao has been revealed as the leading Mentor for the show while Ning Jing, Zhou Shen and the leader of R1SE, Zhou Zhen Nan join him in the mentorship team. Providing support to the mentors is also Nene from Bon Bon Girls, who has received an official appointment as the International Student Assistant.

Together, the team will join forces to lead, assist and accompany the trainees from all over the world to take on the adventure that begins with Chuang 2021!

Chuang 2021 Takes On The ‘Adventure Island’ Concept with its Mentors!

Deng Chao Chuang 2021 Mentor

As the leading Mentor for this season, Deng Chao is well-recognised by the Chinese public and considered a veteran in the Chinese entertainment circle. Though he remains professionally more well-recognised as an actor, his achievements also include releasing his own songs. He was also previously the team leader and host of the popular variety show, Keep Running (otherwise known as Running Man China). The Keep Running team displayed impressive teamwork and camaraderie under his lead.

With Deng Chao in-charge, viewers can expect good team chemistry not just within the team of mentors but also among the trainees.

Ning Jing As Mentor For Chuang 2021

Similarly, Ning Jing also brings in a new set of skills into the mentorship team. Having recently emerged as the survival show champion  for “Sisters Who Make Waves”, her courage and attitude will be an inspiration for the trainees. Her relatively more recent experience as a contestant will also better allow her to empathise with the trainees, while also being a role model for participants to aspire towards.

The fellow mentors Zhou Shen, Amber Liu, Zhou Zhen Nan and Student Assistant Nene are best recognised as the powerhouse in their various fields of music, such as singing, dancing and producing songs. They set professional standards for the trainees to aspire towards.

Zhou Shen As Mentor for Chuang 2021

Having studied music in Ukraine, Zhou Shen trained to sing Bel Canto professionally. His unique voice, versatility and performative know-how will definitely important asset in the mentor team.

Amber As Chuang 2021 Mentor

For Mentor Amber Liu Yiyun who who was part of the K-pop girl group f(x), she is perhaps the most knowledgeable about what it takes to be an internationally-acclaimed idol. Having gone through rigorous training as an SM Entertainment rookie in here early days, not only can she sing and rap, she is also an experienced songwriter who wrote f(x)’s most popular hits such as “Electric Shock”, “Red Light” and even her own solo single, “Shake That Brass.”

Zhou Zhennan Is Mentor for Chuang 2021

While twenty-year-old Zhou Zhen Nan may be the youngest mentor in the team, he is also arguably the most experienced survival show mentor of them all. Just last year, the leader of R1SE coached the participants for “The Coming One, Superband.”

Nene Is Mentor for Chuang 2021

Lastly inclusion of Nene from Bon Bon Girls as the International Student Assistant brings further international diversity to the mentor team. It was only last year where Nene herself was a fresh trainee who competed on the grounds of the same survival show. As a Thai-born idol, she could relate to the Chuang trainees coming from outside China, as she was just in their shoes last year.

Now that she is coming back as an international student assistant, Nene will no doubt give her fullest and most heartwarming support to the trainees!

With internationalisation and a wider audience appeal as its core focus, Chuang 2021’s exciting mentor line-up no doubt stays true to the show’s broader vision.

Fans can surely anticipate this year’s journey to the debut of a new boy group to be nothing short of an exciting one!

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