Blair Wang Yiqiao Drops Her New Song, “Sunday Blues”

The young singer-songwriter Blair Wang Yiqiao has released a video for her song, “Sunday Blues”. Originally produced for the show “Street Sound Wave”, the song reminisces the singer’s pleasant memories of her hometown Chengdu.

Among her releases, Sunday Blues is one that Blair Wang took the shortest time to compose. The upbeat song is a gift for herself on her 22nd birthday and also for everyone who works hard in the city.

In her love letter to Chengdu, the video shows Blair just be herself and have fun with it, possibly alluding to the prevailing composure we all feel when we are at one with home. Peace. Tranquility.

Blair is the sole star of this video, save for her adorable panda companion, which conceivably symbolizes the panda statue lying at the IFS.

Lyrically, the composition comes across like the page of a diary entry from a young, vibrant woman that is expressing what she feels in a given moment. Such entries tend to be the most authentic or fun whenever we read them back. If I would summarize it, I’d compare it to a trinity of her referencing her work ethic, her outlook of the current moment and her love for her city.

The song’s wavelength reminds me of a tiered cake, in that, the progression of sounds may differ, yet they still come together as one.

It starts off with an RnB vibe containing eclectic tingling undertones. This continues up until the chorus where it takes a Funk twist, almost teasing a Disco beat before heading to the second verse where she suddenly starts rapping, showcasing the fact that singing (and playing the drums) are definitely not her only forte.

Blair finds a way to let all these changes somehow come together in synchronicity, relaying the fact that juxtaposition, may be her superpower.

For a song called ‘Sunday Blues’, it surprisingly gives one a good serotonin boost.

“I’m a superstar…”

Yes Blair, indeed you are!


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