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Nene Zheng Naixin

Nene (Zheng Naixin 郑乃馨) is a Thai-Chinese Actress, Idol and Singer born who was born on 25th June 1997. She is signed under two labels – Beijing Huaying Arts Star Culture Media Co in China and GMM Grammy in Thailand. She made her entry in to showbiz by participating in the show Chuang 2020. She successfully debuted with the Bon Girls 303, a C-pop girl group managed by Wajijiwa Entertainment.

Currently she is taking part in CHUANG 2021 as the International Teaching Assistant. She was formerly a trainee in CHUANG 2020, the predecessor of CHUANG 2021.

Nene Zheng Nai Xin
Nene (Zheng Nai Xin) Is a Part of Bon Bon Girls 303

Profile and Infomation

Name: Nene
Birth Name: Pornnappan Pornpenpipat (พรนับพัน พรเพ็ญพิพัฒน์)
Chinese: Name: Zheng Naixin (郑乃馨)
Birthday: June 25, 1997
Star Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Height: 164 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 43.3 kg (95.4 lbs)
Blood Type: —
Education: Northern Technological University of Bangkok
Label: Beijing Huaying Arts Star Culture Media Co (China)

Nene Fandom Facts

Fandom Name: Neon Atom (氖原子), Fan Girls(迷妹)
Fandom Color: Carnation Pink

Socia Media Accounts:

Instagram: nenevader
Weibo: @硬糖少女303-郑乃馨
RED: @郑乃馨
Oasis: @郑乃馨
Douyin: @郑乃馨
Facebook: Pornnappan Pornpenpipat

Nene Facts

– She was born in Bangkok, Thailand to Thai-Chinese parents
– Favourite Food: Seaweed, spicy strips, hotpot
– Favourite Actor: Jackie Chan
– Ideal type: A guy who is kind, loves dogs, charming, loves to eat and has to be passionate about what he likes, she doesn’t care about height, physical appearance. She wants the man to be her friend first before becoming her boyfriend.
– Hobbies: Playing the guitar
– Pets: A cat and a dog
–Nene’s parents are Thai-Chinese, she is ethnically a Han Chinese
– In 1992, Nene’s father came to work in Guangzhou and fell in love with the song “I Don’t Want To Say” by Yang Yuying.
– He wanted to find a wife who is good at singing like Yang Yuying, though his eventual wife was sweet looking, she is not good at singing.
– He decided that he wanted to have a beautiful daughter who could sing well instead and so he trained Nene to sing and dance well at a young age.
– She is trilingual, and can speak and sing in 3 languages including English, Chinese and Thai.
– Her favourite instrument is the guitar and she likes to sing with the guitar
– Nene was well-known for being an actress in Thailand in the hit BL drama ‘2gether’
– Nene was part of a Thai girl group called “Millkshake”
– Nene’s first big screen debut in China was for the drama “Nice To Meet UFO”
– Nene’s original stage name in China was “Zheng Yillin”
– Nene promised her fans that she would work hard to improve her Chinese when she debuted with Bon Bon Girls
– One of the reasons why decided to join Chuang 2020 was to embrace her Chinese heritage and learn more about her ethnic roots.
– Nene was ranked 5th in the final episode of Chuang 2020 and debuted successfully with the Bon Bon Girls line-up
– Nene is a big fan of Jackie Chan. Out of excitement to get close to him, she accidentally left her phone in his assigned room.
– Jackie Chan gave her a surprise by taking a selfie for her later on.


Nene TV Dramas and Filmography:

You Star | TBA
War of High School 2: Reborn | 2021
Long Khong | 2020
2gether: The Series | 2020
Nice To Meet UFO | 2019
Teenage Mom | 2017


Variety Show Appearences:

She Fighter | TBA
Produce Camp 2021| 2021
Bon-Us | 2020
Super Nova Games Season 3 | 2020
The Coming One – Superband | 2020
Youth Periplous 2 | 2020
We Are Blazing | 2020
Produce Camp | 2020

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