CHUANG 2021 Trainee Lelush Ask His Fans Not To Support Him

On March 20, “Chuang 2021” announced the results of their first elimination round. Around 35 students would be leaving the stage. That also meant that the trainees would be bidding their first farewell to the friends that they have met on the show. Out of all the trainees, it is perhaps Lelush who would have been most excited for this moment.


Throughout the show, he constantly talked about how much he wanted to quit and to get off from work. Unfortunately, just because he expressed his desire to leave did not mean that he could leave as and when he liked.

Lelush’s Journey in CHUANG 2021 So Far

On episode 5 the “Chuang 2021” broadcast tonight, Lelush’s ranking was announced to be at the 29th place. After Mentor Zhou Zhennan announced that Lelush was 29th place, the trainee walked towards his position with a blank look, mostly that of despair which causing the audience to have a very good laugh.

CHUANG 2021 Lelush ask fans not to support

On top of the fact that Lelush does not want to make a debut, he is also not fantastic at singing or dancing. Ever since the premiere of Chuang 2021, he has been expressing his desire to go home.

However, even in spite of his attitude, fans were not deterred from liking him. In fact, thanks to his new found ‘internet celebrity status’ and the further media coverage of his comedic personality on Chuang 2021, his following has only grown from here.

Lonely Lelush

For context, Lelush himself has always said that he became a trainee of “Chuang 2021” by accident. His most famous slogan on Chuang 2021 is, “I don’t want to [do this], I want to go home”. He is a natural comedian. On such a competitive stage, it is obvious that he is an outcast. When his performance ended, he even asked, “Why am I not last place?” His words caused a huge sensation on the  internet. Even when he was candid about his desires it almost always leads to more attention from the netizens, and strangely enough more followers too.

Lelush’s attitude on Chuang 2021 can be best told by a photo captured of his backview recently, where he was seen peeking out of the door wondering when he could finally go home.

Lelush Chuang 2021
Lelush Wants to Go home

When he was announced as being ranked 29th place at the first elimination round, Lelush gave his speech.

“Everyone knows that it is not my dream to become a boy group. I don’t know why still I stand in this position, as I think this position belongs to someone good at dancing and others good at singing. I thank the audience for supporting me. But if the audience gives me this position, someone here will have to leave today instead. I think that this is wrong and unfair. For those who are leaving today, I want to say that this ranking does not mean I am better than you, because I know that everyone here is excellent, so you will definitely do better in the future. At the end of the day, I hope that the audience will find better people and not vote for me again.”

Even in a recent photoshoot of the Chuang 2021 trainees with Esquire, Lelush did not fill up the “dream” section. This caused further buzz online about his desire to exit the show.

Unfortunately, judging from the current popularity of Lelush and the activeness of fans it seems  impossible for him to go home early. Perhaps it might be better for Lelush to put aside the idea of ​​going home as soon as possible and practice shining on the stage first!

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