Na Ying Profile and Facts

Profile and Facts

Na Ying Profile and Facts
Name: Na Ying
Chinese name: 那英
Nicknames: Gege, Lao Na, Na Jie, Natasha Na
Birthday: November 27, 1967
Star sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 46kg
Place of Birth: Shenyang, Liaoning Province
Occupation: Singer and Actress
Agency: Galaxy Tree Culture


– Na Ying loved singing since she was a child.
– In 1979, Na Ying joined the Liaoning Juvenile Radio Choir as the lead singer for children.
– In 1983, Na Ying passed the exam three times before finally entering the Shenyang Song and Dance Troupe.
– After entering the Shenyang Song and Dance Ensemble, for a long time, Naying sang to others in the choir
– However, after one of her team mates had a bad cold and had a fever, Naying was switched from her role as a back-up vocalist to a lead vocalist of the choir.
-She debuted as a singer in 1987.
-Na Ying has two children, one son and a daughter
– She gave birth to a son in her first relationship with the football player Gao Feng
-She got married in Canada to the bar owner Meng Tong and has a daughter.
– She is best friends with Chinese songstress Faye Wang (Wang Fei)
– She is the most well-known female judge on the Voice of China (later rebranded Sing! China) where she judged many seasons of the show.
– Na Ying announced in 2017 that she would be retiring as a coach from Sing! China
– Na Ying is a very well recognized vocalist in China
– Na Ying is friends with the actor Xiao Zhan due to the variety show “Our Song” which saw them work together
– In 2021, Na Ying announced that she would be taking part in the survival show, Sisters Who Make Waves
– She debuted as the Center position for the newly formed girl group, X-SISTERS


Songs and Discography:

NASING (EP) | 2016
Silence (默) | 2015
So What(那又怎样) | 2011
Nowadays (如今) | 2002
I Am Not An Angel (我不是天使) | 2001
A Bittersweet Romance (心酸的浪漫) | 2000
Might As Well (乾脆) | 1998
Conquer (征服) | 1998
The Day Does Not Know The Night | 1995
Dreaming with you (为你朝思暮想) | 1994
I hope my dreams come true (但愿好梦都成真) | 1993
A single woman like me (像我这样的单身女子) | 1991


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