Deng Chao

Chuang 2021 Announce Their Mentor Line-up For This Season

This week, Chuang 2021 officially unveiled their Mentor line-up for this season! Deng Chao has been revealed as the leading…

3 months ago

Chuang 2021 Announce Ning Jing As One of The “Founding Representatives” For The Show

Just this afternoon, the official Weibo account of Chuang 2021 (Produce Camp 2021) shared a new poster, announcing Ning Jing…

3 months ago

A Sneak Peek Of The Upcoming Chuang 2021 Contestants

Chuang 2021 is the fourth season of Produce 101 China franchise produced by Tencent. The upcoming season of the show…

4 months ago